Incubus Box Mod Clone $48.62

Incubus Box Mod

Mechanical Box Mod

The Incubus mechanical box mod is now up for sale through FastTech for just $48.62. If you are in the market for a mechanical box mod, you should definitely check this out. Out of all the mechanical devices I have seen lately, this one stands out.

The Incubus box mod is a fully mechanical dual 18650 device that features a top-mounted firing switch and an easy-to-grip design. however, that is not what will draw you in. The magazine-like battery sleeve is the true draw for this device.

The Incubus box mod houses its batteries in a detachable copper sleeve that sports full copper contacts, allowing for very little voltage drop. The sleeve itself makes the Incubus box mod seem like the magazine on a gun. It is probably one of the coolest designs for battery sleeves that I have seen.

Overall, the Incubus box mod seems really cool. If you are looking for a mechanical device that is different from the rest, this is for you. Pick up your own Incubus mechanical box mod right now for just $48.62, and as always, vape on.

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Incubus Features

  • Recessed 510 threading connection
  • Adjustable center battery contacts
  • Ergonomic hand grip design
  • Top mounted firing button, without locking ring
  • Houses dual 18650 batteries (batteries sold separately)
  • Single air slit on the bottom cover

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