Humble Juice Co E-Juice Sale! 120ml Only $10.79

Humble Juice Co 120ml Sale July 8th 2018

E-juice Sale

For a limited time only, Ejuice Connect is having a sale on their Humble Juice Co Line right here for only $10.79! No coupon code required! You can also get a combo pack with all six flavors for only $59.95! There is also 4 Hustle Flavors that is available for only $8.99 a bottle or a 4 pack bundle for $33.99!

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During the Humble juice Co sale, you can get 120ml of e-juice for only $10.79! EJuice Connect currently carries nine top flavors from the Humble Juice Co, Line, which are American Dream, Vape The Rainbow, Unicorn Treats, Donkey Kahn, Donkey Kahn ICE, Sweater Puppets, Berry Blow Doe, Smash Mouth and Pee Wee Kiwi! Each flavor comes in large 120ml bottle! If you’re interested all six flavors, you can buy the combo pack which includes six flavors for only $59.95 and save even more! Lastly, the only nicotine strength currently available is 3mg, and full flavor descriptions are available down below!

All in all, this is an incredible e-juice sale! If you are a fan of humble juice co. or looking to stock up on some e-juice for cheap, then this is a deal you cannot miss! Make sure to check out this deal at EJuice Connect for only $10.79!

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E-Juice Sale Details:

  • 120ml Bottles for only $10.79
  • Nicotine Strength Available: 3mg
  • Can Also Be Bought In a Combo Pack With Six Flavors (720ml) for only $59.95
  • Flavors to choose from:
    • American Dream: A fruity pebbles cereal treat with a citrus burst. You’ll feel like you are living the dream with every vapor cloud. Try it today and you will be coming back for more.
    • Vape The Rainbow: A colorful yellow and cloudy rainbow sorbet mixed with fruit flavored candies will will satisfy your sweet tooth and have you exhaling dreamy sweet vapor clouds of pure joy..
    • Unicorn Treats: A childhood cereal that is sure to make you think of Saturday morning cartoon. If happiness could be bottled and vaped, this e juice promises to deliver clouds of happiness.
    • Donkey Kahn: Donky Kahn is A delicious blend of strawberry banana with a nice splash of dragon fruit!. A refreshing vapor that you will crave all day.
    • Smash Mouth: Smash Mouth is a decadent strawberry, graham cracker and custard mash up that will satisfy your sweet tooth and leave you wanting more.Smooth, rich and fruity.
    • Pee Wee Kiwi: Pee Wee Kiwi is delightful twist of kiwi, a couple slices of watermelon and apple with a pinch of citrus for an elegant finish. Enjoy this refreshing new vapor by Humble Juice Co!
    • Donkey Kahn ICE: a refreshingly delicious blend of vine ripened strawberry, sweet banana, an enticing splash of dragon fruit and a cooling chill of Menthol
    • Berry Blue Doe: a delectable blend of bubblegum lollipop infused with blueberry and raspberry “pop” candy to create a mouth watering explosion of flavor with every vape.
    • Sweater Puppets: a sumptuous blend of juicy mango, crisp cantaloupe, and succulent sweet honeydew melon.

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