What You Need to Know About E-Cigarettes and How to Vape


Vaping is increasing in popularity because it is a healthy alternative to cigarette smoking. Non-smokers also enjoy smoking because of the aroma and taste sensation that it creates. In the competition space, vaping is also taking center stage.

There are many options on the market for electronic cigarette devices to suit your personal preference and style.

Enhance your vaping pleasure and arouse your senses by adding one of hundreds of flavors like vanilla, cinnamon, clove, honey, or other spices. Fruit flavors like peach, apple, orange, and berry are also popular flavors.

Read on to learn more about vaping equipment, inhaling and exhaling techniques, and how to make the transition from cigarettes to e-cigarettes.

What is an E-Cigarette?

An e-cigarette is a battery-powered electronic device that is used for inhaling vapors. You can use it to help you quit or taper off smoking cigarettes or just for you plain enjoyment. With an e-cigarette there is no smelly tobacco, no messy ashes, and no dangerous fire or lighters.

Other names for e-cigarettes are electronic cigarettes, personal vaporizers, electronic smoking devices, vape pens, or nicotine vaporizers. Other similar products are e-cigars or e-gars and e-pipes.

What are the Parts of an Electronic Cigarette?

Since an e-cigarette has several mechanical parts, it helps to get familiar with the different e-cigarette components and how to use them.

E-cigarettes require a power source, which is usually a battery or a wire connected to a USB port. The atomizer heats up a coil that is connected to the filler material that contains e-liquid, and turns it into vapor. E-cigarettes also have a cartridge that contains the liquid that gets heated and transformed into vapors. Some models of e-cigarettes combine the atomizer and the cartridge into one piece and call it a cartomizer.

How to Use a Vape Pen

How to Vape

You’ll need to fill your vape pen with an e-liquid, which is also called e-juice, before learning how to use your vape pen. There are two different kinds of e-liquid—PG and VG. PG is propylene glycol and VG is a vegetable-based liquid. PG and VG can be combined in different ratios to get different effects or different amounts of nicotine. PG and VG can also be combined with flavors like fruit flavors, menthol, and vanilla, for a pleasurable taste while vaping.

To fill the vape pen, unscrew the top of the mouthpiece. Squeeze a few drops into the atomizer, filling it slowly, but leaving a little space at the top. If you overfill it, liquid will spill over the top when you screw the top of the mouthpiece back on.

Be careful to squeeze the liquid around the sides of the atomizer. There is a tiny air hole in the center of it and you need to be careful to not get e-liquid in that hole. The vape pen is now sealed up and won’t spill. Attach the battery compartment onto the atomizer by screwing it back onto the bottom of the vape pen.

How Do You Use a Vape Pen Off and On Safety Switch?

Vape pens have a safety switch on them. To activate the atomizer you’ll need to press the button five times quickly in succession to turn it on. Then you press the button to release the vape when inhaling. It’s easy enough to accidentally activate the atomizer when the vape pen is tucked away in your pocket, so they are designed so that you need to press the button five more times quickly in succession to turn the unit off.

With most vape pens, you can use batteries or connect the battery compartment to a USB cord and charge it using an AC adapter or your computer. With your vape pen or e-cigarette charged up and ready to go, you are ready to enjoy your vaping experience.

Check out this informative video for a visual demonstration on how to fill your vape pen correctly.

Learning How to Vape After Many Years of Cigarette Smoking

The way that you inhale and exhale vapors is different than inhaling and exhaling cigarette smoke, so don’t make the mistake of grabbing your vapor pen and sucking in a fast drag on the mouthpiece. You’re likely to be disappointed when you don’t get the stimulation of the nicotine effect or the taste the e-liquid of your choice.

If you have been smoking cigarettes for a long time, learning how to vape may be a little awkward at first because the inhaling process is starkly different. Smoking a cigarette is so automatic, you probably never even thought about the steps that you take when inhaling cigarette smoke.

If you consciously think about it, when you take a drag of a cigarette, you suck in air through the filter very quickly and take in a hard, fast inhale. You take the smoke deep into your lungs and then release it back into the air through your nose or mouth. The nicotine in the tobacco creates that feeling of stimulation.

The best way to learn how to vape is to consciously recognize that the process is different. You need to think about slowing the process way down. A mistake that many cigarette smokers make is to inhale and exhale the vaping liquid so quickly that they miss the nicotine hit at the back of their throat.

Another issue that you may have if you take a fast drag and exhale on your e-cigarette is that it takes a few moments for the vapor to materialize. If you inhale and exhale quickly, you’re not giving the vapor enough time to fully develop.

Vaping is a Slower, More Enjoyable Process Than Cigarette Smoking

Not allowing the vaping liquid to settle in their mouths, throats, and noses also means that you don’t allow the e-liquid and any flavorings to linger in your mouth and nose long enough for you to really enjoy them. The proper way to vape is to hold the vapors in your mouth and nose so that you can savor and taste the flavor of the e-liquid.

How Do You Vape Using Different Techniques?

It’s certain that vapors will enter your mouth when you inhale on your mouthpiece. From there, you can let the vapors settle and develop in your mouth, which is called a mouth hit. Alternatively, you can inhale the vapors right into your lungs before exhaling them out of your mouth or nose. Let’s take a look at the differences between mouth hits and lung hits.

How to Vape Using Mouth Hits

Inhale the vapors and let them swirl around your mouth. The vapors will more fully develop into a puff of vapor with greater viscosity. Slowly and gently exhale, releasing the vapors into the air through your mouth or nose.

Another form of mouth hit is to inhale the vapors into your mouth, letting them settle there a bit, and then inhaling them deeper into your lungs. This is similar to smoking cigarettes in that you release the vapors from your lungs into your nose or mouth.

Don’t be surprised if you begin coughing during the exhale. Your throat may need some time to adjust to the new substance. Any initial coughing is likely to be temporary.

How to Vape Using Lung Hits

People who enjoy vaping quickly realize that a looser airflow gives more vapors. One way to accomplish a loose air flow is to take the vapor into your mouth and draw it directly into your lungs without first holding it in your mouth.

Vaping directly into your lungs is a technique that creates an environment that is ripe for full and billowing vapors upon the exhale.

Vaping competitions are on the rise. Competitors, who are also called cloud chasers, use the lung hit technique to get the longest, most voluminous vapors.

Whether you prefer mouth hits or lung hits, you will still get the benefit of the nicotine stimulant without taking in all the tar and toxins that are contained by burning tobacco.

Some Final Thoughts About How to Vape

Regardless of your reasons for exploring how to vape, it’s an activity that you can easily get up to speed on, even if you are not familiar with it at all. E-cigarettes and vapor pens all have pretty much the same components and work in a similar manner. The equipment is easy to fill and the batteries are easy to recharge or replace.

It’s fun to experiment with different types of e-liquids and ratios to get the type of nicotine hit, vapor viscosity, and flavor that you enjoy most. As with anything else, a little practice getting the best e-liquid ratios and selecting the most enjoyable flavors will start you on your way and have you vaping like a pro in no time.

I am a vape hobbyist currently living in the central Florida area. I have been vaping for over two years now, and constantly keep up to date with the newest vape gear. I recently started working in the vape industry, and my goal is to inform as many people as I can of the benefits of vaping, and how to go about getting the best deals possible.



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