Hellboy RDA Clone $4.99

Hell Boy RDA Clone


Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer

The Hellboy RDA clone is now on sale right here for only $4.99, and free shipping applies to orders over $75! The colors available for the Hellboy RDA Clone are white and stainless steel. If you were always interested in this style of RDA, now is your chance to grab one at a low price!

Shop Now: $4.99 USA

The Hellboy RDA clone is primarily constructed of stainless steel and is 22mm in diameter. This RDA is a square styled atomizer and looks great on almost any box mod! This RDA does include two different drip tips to suit your vaping style, with one being a smaller sized and the other being much wider in bore.

The Hellboy RDA Clone does feature a four post deck design, so building on this RDA is relatively easy. This RDA does feature adjustable airflow from the side, and can be extremely airy if desired with the airflow completely wide open. This RDA does sport a smaller profile in design; therefore proving excellent flavor!

All in all, the Hellboy RDA Clone seems to be a good clone RDA, especially for the price! If you were interested in the Hellboy RDA, and wanted to give it a shot for a low price, then this is a deal that might just interest you! Make sure to check out this deal at 101vape for only $4.99.

Shop Now: $4.99 USA

Product Features:

  • 22mm RDA
  • Constructed of Stainless Steel
  • Four Post Deck Design
  • 2 Drip Tips Included
  • Adjustable Airflow

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