Heatvape Defender Mod – $43.64 USA

Defender Box Mod

“iStick Killer” Box Mod

Check out the new Heatvape Defender aka the “iStick Killer”. Right now you can get one from Vapor Beast for $43.64 with coupon code “YEAHBABY” for 10% off. They also have them listed at 3Avape for only $35 bucks.

The Heatvape Defender is a compact box mod similar to the Eleaf iStick. It has variable wattage output that can be adjusted from 5.0 to 25.0 watts and can power atomizers from 0.5ohms to 3.0ohms. Rounded corners on the Heatvape Defender make it extreamly ergonomic and comfortable to hold in your hand.

One innovative feature on this mod is the dual sided 510/eGo connection, one side has 510 threading and the other has eGo threading. No mater what atomizer you use it will look great on this device. Powering the Defender is a built in 2600mah 20A high discharge battery that can be charged through the micro USB port on the base of the device. Available in silver, black, blue, and red.

Buy the Defender Box Mod here

Buy from China for $35

Heatvape Defender Features:

  • 510 and eGo Threaded
  • Variable wattage from 5W to 25W
  • Variable voltage from 1V to 8V
  • Atomizer Resistance: 0.5 Ohm to 3 Ohm.
  • Built-in 2600 mAh 20a battery
  • Micro USB rechargeable

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  • VH fan 01/26/2015

    Interesting Nathan , this one has some inovative features but i still hate the whole shape just like the Istick .

    Sticking with the MVP 20 and 30 watter’s .

  • Keck 02/15/2015

    any chance of a side by side with the Itaste 30w vs Defender?

  • Shawn 02/17/2015

    I’ve been struggling between the heatvape defender, Istick 30w/20w and MPV 20W. I have an MPV v2 and looking for a second as I have used my mpv very hard. Size is one thing important to me. I don’t currently use sub ohm, but like the fact I could with this or the 30w. Price difference is around $10 give or take. I know there are 50w+ but again, size is important. So for a very nice comparison, check out https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0FC5gVaYD8#action=share and at 1:54 you can get a great lineup.

  • VH fan 02/17/2015

    The 2600Mah battery is very impressive , wish i knew what kind of signal it had , i love the MVP’s because their digital signal is superb and that has a lot to do with how good of a vape a device can provide .

    The MVP 20 watt is the smoothest most incredible vape i have experienced yet and i have compared it to quite a few devices . It’s signal quality is what makes it so dang good.

    • Gary 02/25/2015

      I think it’s flat but if it’s pwm then it’s at a high frequency cause there is no rattlesnake sound.

  • Gary 02/25/2015

    I got this and i got nothing but praise for this product. The greatest drawback is the 25 watts but it is just enough for me.

    Having the atomizer in the middle is not just pleasing to look at but it actually makes it more comfortable to hold and vape.

    You can’t lose on this product, it’s a excellent combination of price, power, and usability.

  • William Thornley 02/26/2015

    I gotta learn more before I weigh in!

  • VH fan 02/26/2015

    It’s still a brand new device which makes it totally unproven , until time passes and we can figure out the dependability and durability i’ll stick with what i currently use .

    Every new device looks great at first but there’s a lot more to it . I already like it a lot more than the iStick but i adore the MVP 30 watt .

    Price on that one still needs to drop though but it’s unreal.

  • Matt 03/09/2015

    I use this with the Kangartech subtank mini, with the .5ohm square coils. LOVE IT!! Been using it for over a month and it’s really nice. I vape ALL DAY and it lasts for over two days.


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