Cloud Chasing Tips, Tricks, and Beastly Builds (Ultimate Guide)

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So, what is cloud chasing?

If you’re a dedicated member of the vaporizing community or know someone who likes to vape, chances are, you’ve heard the term once or twice but may not know exactly what it means.

In the simplest terms, it can be defined as a style of vaping that results in the creation of gigantic clouds of vapor.

Some people who participate in it do it for sport in a competitive setting, while others simply enjoy the process of getting to blow thick plumes of vapor so large and voluminous that they envelop an entire room!

No matter what your reasons for wanting to learn a bit more about how to create clouds that are thick, dense, and larger than life, we’ve got you covered. Read on to learn the ins and outs of this fascinating community and get some awesome tips that will help you learn to blow clouds that are bigger and better than ever before.

Getting Started

Before you begin, there are a few things you will need to be aware of. First, get familiar with your natural lung capacity. Some people’s lungs are genetically blessed with the ability to inhale large amounts of vapor. If you are one of these people, your vape journey has the potential to be quite successful with minimal effort.

However, if the vape gods didn’t provide you with lungs of steel, there’s no need to worry. The right mod, atomizer, e-juice, technique, and positive outlook should get you on the right track to blow clouds just as impressive as anyone else’s.  Chasing clouds is all about putting mind over matter. If you believe you will be able to succeed, then you most certainly will.

Another factor to be aware of is safety. Even though vaping is an extremely safe practice as long as you know what you’re doing, if you don’t take the necessary precautions to keep yourself safe, it may cause challenges in the long run. Make sure to check your batteries regularly to prevent potential damage or corroding, and if you’re ever in doubt about the reliability of your batteries, do yourself a favor and replace them to ensure everything stays running smoothly.

Picking a Kit

Cloud chasing kits are the perfect way for people who don’t know much about the hobby to get involved in the practice of it quickly and effectively. When looking for the perfect kit, there are a few things you’ll want to search for.

First, make sure to find a kit that features a sub ohm tank. Sub ohm atomizers have coils with a resistance of less than one sub ohm. These atomizers help to increase the power output of a device, even when it has a fixed voltage, which helps vape wizards to create thicker, denser, and bigger plumes of vapor. The best vape setup for clouds are usually ones that utilize sub ohm tanks, so be sure to consider investing in one if you want your vape skills to reach their maximum level of potential.

Another thing to look for in a kit is a tank that holds a sufficient amount of e-liquid. Those who aspire to chase the clouds are going to need lots of e-juice when sending their vapor to new heights, so it would be wise to choose a kit that features a tank that can hold at least 2.5 ml of liquid.

While we’re on the subject of e-liquid, another tip to keep in mind is that the e-juice you select can be crucial in helping you create the perfect cloud. The higher the VG content of your vape juice, the larger and denser your clouds will be. Skip out on your e-juices with a high PG content this time around and save them for a time when you’re craving sensation and not large amounts of vapor.

Seeking the perfect kit for out-of-this-world clouds? We recommend checking out the Smok Alien Vape Starter Kit. This kit comes with the Smok Box Mod, the Smok Baby Beast Tank, and holds  3ml of e-liquid. It can be filled with juice from the top, which makes it incredibly convenient to use, and has a clamp-styled deck that makes it the perfect choice for coil building.

Master of Mods

Now that we’ve talked about how to find a kit that suits your vaping needs, it’s time to get a little more specific: let’s talk about the best cloud chasing mods on the market. Picking the right mod is crucial in helping to give you those thick, dense clouds of vapor you crave.

If you plan to chase clouds recreationally, it’s best to start out by using a regulated mod. If you plan on eventually upgrading to the competitive vape circuit, that is when it might be time to upgrade to an unregulated mechanical mod that can make your clouds super voluminous and undeniably dense.

Regardless of what kind of mod you choose to use, we recommend vaping above .3 ohms to ensure maximum safety. Note that unregulated mech mods should be used to professionals only. If you’re not a vape pro who is incredibly well-versed on the subject of safety when using mods, batteries, and atomizers, stick with regulated mods to steer clear of any potential slip ups or accidents.

Safety should always be your number one priority. (And obviously, it’s safe to say that creating monstrous, larger than life clouds that will impress all your friends can totally be the second priority on your list.)

One awesome vape mod currently for sale is the Smoant Battlestar 200w TC Box Mod. This mod is a 2000 watt device and features a sleek, aesthetically-pleasing design. It also has 24K gold plated positive battery contacts, and requires 2 high drain 18650 batteries so it can hold a charge for a very long time, making it perfect for people who want to chase clouds on the go with ease and efficiency.

Smoant Battlestar 200w TC Box Mod Bronze Blue

Beastly Builds

Next, we’re going to give you the lowdown on everything you need to know about awesome vape builds. Some consider this to be one of the key elements to proper clouds Coil builds that go above and beyond help allow vapor get produced in huge quantities that will cause jaws to drop.

The secret to a great build lies in the amount of resistance your vape offers. The lower the resistance is, the more vapor you will generally be able to produce. There are lots of different options for coil builds out there, and you can try out a couple of different ones to decide which one you like the most.

Some of the best coil builds for big clouds are created by using an intensive and meticulous build process. We’re going to break down the steps required to build a coil so you can learn to do it with extreme ease.

First, begin by gathering your coil building supplies. Some basic materials you will need are an ohms reader, an RDA, resistance wire, a screwdriver, a propane torch, tweezers or small pliers, wire cutters, scissors, and wicking supplies.

Now that you’ve gathered your materials, the next thing you need to do is cut a piece of your resistance wire. Make sure to cut between 3-5 inches of wire. Next, take your tweezers and use them to grab the end of your wire. Take your torch and heat one end of your wire, then proceed to carefully run the torch along your entire piece of wire.

Let your wire cool, and then repeat the previous wire heating steps with the other end of your resistance wire. This will allow the wire to oxidize, which will make it more malleable and easy to work with as you proceed to build your coil.

Next, you will begin to wrap your coil. Before you begin this step, make sure you know how many times you will need to wrap your coil in order to make it work with your atomizer and mod. Pick up your screwdriver, tweezers, and resistance wire.

Start wrapping your wire around your screwdriver. As you do this, make sure to keep the coils as close together as you can without letting them overlap. You want the wire to be fairly tight; if there is any slack it won’t work as effectively.

Next, pick up your RDA. Loosen the post screws of the build deck so that installation of your coil is as easy as possible. Take one end of your coil and put it in the positive post hole, then put the other end in the negative post hole. Use your screwdriver to move your coil to the center of your rebuildable atomizer, then tighten all the post screws up once you have gotten your coil into the appropriate position.

Take care not to tighten the post screws too much as you install your coil; this will result in you accidentally cutting your wire so that you have to rebuild your coil all over again. Now that you have your coil mounted, trim the ends of the coil so that they are as close to the posts as you can get them. All that’s left to do is screw your coil onto your ohms reader to test it, wick your coil, and enjoy!

Competition Tips and Tricks

We’ll finish things off by giving you some tips and tricks to help you chase away your competition. The first factor to keep in mind is that technique is everything when trying to make dense, voluminous, billowing clouds.

  • Before you start vaping, make sure you have the right posture. If you are slumped over while you try to vape, you will be closing off your airways and making it nearly impossible to take in ample amounts of vapor. Keep your shoulders back, your back straight, and your body loose and free of tension.
  • The next tip is to make sure you breathe properly. Inhale fully and slowly; make sure to breathe from your diaphragm to take in maximum amounts of vapor.
  • Make sure to use caution when vaping. If your battery feels like it is overheating, take a step back and give your vape a few minutes to cool off.
  • Don’t be afraid to ask for help! If you have friends or idols who are a part of the vaping community, they would probably be flattered if you ask for their advice or suggestions. Vaping does not have to be a hobby of solitude, in fact, it is usually more enjoyable when you can share your passion for blowing clouds with others! Feel free to form vaping enthusiast groups, scope our local vape competitions, and share your vape wisdom with others.
  • Perfect your vape build. Vaping involves a bit of trial and error, especially when it comes to building coils, so be sure to make sure your build is done safely and properly. When in doubt, surf the web, ask a friend, or get a second opinion from an expert to ensure that things stay safe and under control.
  • Check your airflow. Some atomizers allow you to control how much airflow your vaping device receives. Be certain to not allow too much airflow to penetrate your mod; this can result in your clouds thinning out and not being as dense and thick as they could be otherwise.

Now You’re Set

Congrats! We’ve briefed you on the ins and outs and now you’re set to do it like a pro. Remember that it doesn’t matter whether you plan to vape competitively or for recreational purposes; what’s important is that you stay safe and smart about how you vape. Test out any coil builds you create, check and replace your mod batteries regularly, and don’t ever be afraid to ask questions or seek help from others when you need it.

With a killer RDA, some sweet, high VG e-juice, a reliable atomizer, and the proper technique, you’ll be ready to blow larger than life clouds like a total champ.

I am a vape hobbyist currently living in the central Florida area. I have been vaping for over two years now, and constantly keep up to date with the newest vape gear. I recently started working in the vape industry, and my goal is to inform as many people as I can of the benefits of vaping, and how to go about getting the best deals possible.



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