GT-T V2 RTA $13.62



With the popularity of rebuildable tanks growing almost daily, FastTech did a great job of placing the Taifun GT-T V2 RTA on sale for just $13.62, an amazing price for an authentic rebuildable tank.

The GT-T V2 is a beautifully updated version of Taifun’s original GT tank, fixing all the major issues from the first run without taking away from the aspects that vapers loved about the first iteration of the RTA. The GT-T V2 also comes in a slew of different colors and designs (some of which may boost the price slightly through FastTech), making it perfect for any vaper out there that wants to incorporate a flare of style in their vape game.

The GT-T V2 is primarily made of stainless steel. It sports a hollow sleeve covering a pyrex tank, a nice improvement from the V1 which did not use pyrex. The GT-T V2 also sports fully customizable options as far as drip tips and airflow control. If you want to obtain a version of the V2 that does not use a hollow sleeve, you can opt to buy one of the many other options provided through FastTech. However, like I mentioned earlier, choosing another option as far as outer sleeves go will cost slightly more.

The GT-T V2 sports a two-post design, with a fairly easy-to-use build deck that is sure to satisfy any builder, new or old. The airflow is decent for the tank as well; it is no Arctic or Herakles, but it allows enough airflow to satiate any vaper out there.

The GT-T V2 is definitely worth a buy, especially at the low price of only $13.62. Pick your very own up today from FastTech. And as always, vape on.

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V2 Features

  • Finned 510 drip tip
  • 5.0ml juice capacity
  • Glass tank
  • Dual posts design
  • Sliding air flow adjustable (10 air holes)
  • 510 connection with adjustable center pin
  • 23mm overall diameter

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