Gold Kayfun Lite Plus & V3.1 RBA – $21.34+ CHINA

Gold Kayfun Lite, Lite Plus, V3.1 RDA

Gold Kayfun RBA

3 Gold Kayfuns

Here’s three new Gold Kayfun rebuildable atomizers. You can get the Kayfun lite for $21.34, the Lite Plus for $23.34, or the V3.1 for $25.68 all with free shipping.

If you don’t have a kayfun yet I recommend you get one, that provide amazing flavor. I’ve been using my Kayfun Mini non-stop since i got it. Before that i was using a kayfun V3.1.

What’s the difference between the 3 models? Well the Kayfun Lite Plus is the same as the Kayfun Lite with the addition of adjustable airflow and the V3.1 has adjustable airflow plus a little chamber that catches any e-liquid that leaks through the air passage.

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