God 180 Mod – 180 Watt Box Mod

God 180 Box Mod

God 180 Box Mod

I just got some information on a new high powered mod made by Simeiyue  called the “God 180”. Even though we just recently posted about the new Cloupor T8 150 watt box mod there is already a new mod that can output even more power, 180 watts to be exact.  The specks say it can output between 5 and 180 watts which is quite a range of wattage output.

Instead of using two 26650 batteries like Cloupor T8, the God 180 mod requires THREE 18650 batteries. I think some people will like this feature since most of us have a ton of 18650 batteries lying around. The God 180 box mod measures 119mm by 69mm by 30mm to fit three 18650 batteries. Compare that to the T8 mod which measures 99mm by 55mm by 25mm. 

The God 180 mod is made of an aluminum body with a large LED screen on the front. Below the screen there are two small buttons for adjustments and on the top of the side there is a larger firing switch. In a few pictures I have seen of this mod there are a few different laser engraved logos. On one it’s a fancy cross with the text “God 180” and on another there’s an image of a wolf in front of a moon with the text “wildwolf”.

I have tried my best to provide correct information but since the God 180 is so new it’s hard to know if it’s 100% correct. I will keep updating this page as new information comes out.

Buy a God 180 for only $55.45

God 180 Mod Colors

God 180 Mod Features:

  • Aluminum body
  • Variable Voltage and Variable Wattage
  • Powered by 3 18650 batteries
  • Real time current meter
  • Fires from 0.3 – 3ohms
  • LED display
  • Available in red, blue, orange, silver, black
  • Measures 119x69x30mm

Back of god180 mod

Nathan is the founder of VapingCheap.com and dedicated to finding the best vape deals online. In 2008 he had his first vape on a DSE-901 e-cigarette and has loved them ever since. He created Vaping Cheap to help current vapers save money and to help smokers make the switch to vaping.

  • yvette alston-weisrock 08/29/2014

    How much will the God 180 mod go for?

      • Philip Bolay 12/26/2014

        Little correction : minimum ohm is 0.5 ohm. I have it and user manual data. I tried a 0.35 and as said it won’t fire so low and displays “low resistance”

    • Billychunk 11/04/2014

      135 I have one

  • monkey39 08/30/2014

    Looks great, but why? Why 180 watts? I mean, I might get one someday if the price point is reasonable, but it would really only be for the aesthetics and because it can hold 3 x 18650 batteries. I can’t see ever needing 180 watts. I can barely see the need for 100 watts – I have one of those on pre-order, but mainly because it can hold 2 x 18650 batteries and it was the same price as the 50 watt models. Anyway, I’m sure this one will sell, but race to higher wattages concerns me, from a safety standpoint if nothing else.

  • Jason 08/30/2014

    I am become death, the destroyer of Ωs

  • Steven 08/30/2014

    Please contact us for bulk order, [email protected] thanks

  • Jun Zu Aalto 08/31/2014

    You would want to use 3 new matched batteries…so discharge is equal and doesn’t favor one cell over another.

    I know we all have the old 18650 laying around but keep them for the mechs.

  • Scott 08/31/2014

    I believe the cross is the original design. The wolf was a group buy that didn’t want a cross on it.

  • LJF 09/01/2014

    One simple question. Why? Who is going to use 180 watts. Like monkey39 stated this is not about vaping to quit from cigs but seems to be who can out race the other to devices that will give vaping a bad name if these things start blowing up in peoples faces. For me 30 watt devices are as high as I need. But to each their own I guess

    • jesse 01/28/2015

      we sayd that 50 years ago with horse power at 60 hp but hay

    • Shelaka 06/27/2015

      I agree on the 30 Watt not going over that for taste for myself. I do own the 180 and had nothing but problems due to the idiot sell 2 of the 2500 batteries, and a 2100 which acres off a screw on the mother board. He actually gave me a lower battery which still would not read my atomizer. Issue and repair cleaning myself solved the issue. The lower batteries the wholesaler told him to give me have creates why I love the taste of my organic VG juice. Clean cool taste that is what I desire, so will have to back up to the 2500 batteries for personal taste. I just bought the Aspire single battery mod. I hated it. Hot, throat burn, and the taste of burn which I see as my hyper sensitive taste buds. Strange for a smoker. Lol So I will take back my Aspire Mods and trade for a different box mode, but it will have to meet the high standards of the cool clean purity that I have gotten with my God 180. The only other issue I have is the color! Lol I hate the gold! Would have been in heaven for the blue or red. As the tics doesn’t come over taste. So personally I was so angry when I couldn’t use my God Mod. I’ll never be a clouded or trick vape user. Just a m picky one who will be using 0mg nicotine in the future.

  • smy 09/02/2014

    hello, i am the writer of simeiyue website .
    any question about plz PM me if i can answer .
    thanks support 🙂
    my email: [email protected]

  • Alex 09/06/2014

    Does this mod come with a USB charging port, preferable on the side of the mod somewhere?

    • david ford 12/10/2014

      no there is no USB charging port you have to take the god mod apart to charge the 3 18650s

    • John W Campbell 01/15/2015

      There is a mini usb connector on the bottom. It apparently charges the batteries so you don’t have to open the case. Plugged mine into power, and I’m seeing a battery charge symbol on the display. Hope this helps.

      • mark 06/04/2015

        There is no usb plug on mine , unit has to be taken apart and batteries charged on wall or desktop charger.

  • gerard 12/19/2014

    nobody has ever covered the batteries that would be a good or bad choice for the god lots of bad ones out there no one ever thinks to cover the do’s annd dont’s of selecting a battery. could some one post some info about which batteries would work well with the new GOD 180. thanks

    • Chuck 12/22/2014

      I’ve been running the Efest purple 2500mAh 35A in mine. Almost 900 puffs at 30W using my Atlantis tank with 2 bars still left on the Battery. At 100W with my Mutation X RDA running a 24g build, dual coil 15 wraps on a 3mm post at .6 ohm. the device handled 100W for just over 200 puffs. After 200 or so the voltage wasn’t sufficient enough for 100W but hell, my IPV 2 wont get more than 60 or so 50W puffs without needing a charge. The only others I’d suggest would be the Samsung with the same rating. Hope this helps.

  • Jimmy 12/30/2014

    I run the VTC5 in mine and as of now I like the 75w setting. Over 200 puffs today and half life on the battery remaining. I notice about the same with purple Efest 2500 35A.

  • Travis 07/19/2015

    What tank can even take the full 180 without burning up the atomizer?

    • Mark 07/21/2015

      I’ve personally seen Herakles tanks and Arctic tanks running on unregulated series 26650 boxes using their .6 and .5 ohm coils. At that rate the wattage would be way over 180 and they don’t burn up. It’s amazing how far vaping has come in such a short time

      • N. Shlanta 07/22/2015

        On a dual series box (8.4V), a 0.5ohm coil will be putting out 141W without any voltage drop factored in – 117W for a 0.6ohm coil. Still very impressive that those two tanks can wick fast enough and move enough air with that much power.



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