Genius Tank Clone $17.42

Genius Tank

Genius Sub-Ohm Tank

The Genius sub-ohm tank clone is now on sale through Angelcigs for just $17.42, a steal compared to the price of other popular sub-ohm tanks. Not only is it being offered at a good price, but it is sure to satisfy any tank user out there.

The Genius clone from Angelcigs works wonders with flavor and vapor production. The design of the Genius reminds me of a mash-up between the Arctic and Herakles sub-ohm tanks, and it works similarly as well.

Just like the Arctic, the Genius tank uses cyclops-style airflow slots paired with large wick holes in the coil head to produce the maximum vapor production at all times. The vapor production off of the Genius tank is superb, and that is not lost on the clone.

Another aspect of the Genius tank clone that makes it worthwhile, in my opinion, is the flavor. The flavor off the Genius is superb, giving tanks like the Atlantis V2 and the Herakles a run for their money. Fill this tank up with any juice, and it is sure to make the flavor pop.

The astounding flavor and great airflow alone make the Genius sub-ohm tank clone worth the investment. And at $17.42, you can’t beat it. Make sure to pick your very own Genius tank up before it is too late. And as always, vape on.

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  • Removable stainless steel drip tip
  • 510 theading connector (solid center pin)
  • Glass tank
  • Adjustable airflow control
  • Height without drip tip and connector: 46mm

I am a vape enthusiast that lives in Charlotte, NC. I have been vaping for about three years now, and I have been working in the industry for a little over a year. I started working in the industry in order to help people get off the stinky's, and what better way to do that than by bringing vapers the best deals possible?

  • EvilBeast 07/02/2015

    I never even heard of the original “Genius” tank.has anyone else..? I’d really like to know and are there any reviews of this tank and can you get coils from somewhere other than Angelcigs..?
    Makes bad juice taste is a bold claim and honestly I’d rather hear more about how it performs compared to other tanks then some wild claim. I’ve been noticing a trend where instead hearing un-biased reports about devices when you talk about them like we used to,we get like an advertisement or infomercial type claims for the item instead. Has there been a change in management or is there different people working? I hope this trend doesn’t continue because I really like this site and trust in it (as do many others) to help me decide what items are worth it.

    • Nathan 07/03/2015

      There are two people who post deals at now, me (Nathan) and Matt. Thanks for your feedback.

    • Amanda 07/04/2015

      ((shrugs)) Never heard of ’em either, but here ya go.. “PAIPU” is apparently the maker of the ‘original’ GENIUS tank: (ahem, GOOGLE IS your friend ya know.. took a whole 2 seconds– Definitely less time than it took ya to write that unappreciative (not to mention totally incorrect) comment, btw. & On that note.. if you’re gonna call ’em out.. at least be right w/ what you’re claiming. ?? An ad or informercial? “Would rather hear how it performs compared to other tanks, than some wild claim”.. (?? not sure what… ” works wonders with flavor & vapor.. & reminds me of a mashup between the Arctic & Herakles..” is to you? How about, “an aspect that makes it worthwhile is the flavor, which is superb. Gives tanks like the Atlantis V2 & Herakles a run for their money”… ?)) As far as you saying they are just making bold claims with “makes bad juice taste…. ” (assuming you meant to put a word after that?)…. Not sure what review you read, but they didn’t say anything like that OR make any claims, let alone “wild ones”. Anyhooooo, I choose to be grateful & appreciative for all the time spent researching/finding these deals.. for OUR benefit. Deals that have, frankly… saved me a literal $hit-ton of time/$ over the past couple of years. Figure if you want to know what coil heads it uses (if not indicated) & or where to get them…. who has done a review on this, if anyone…. I’m quite sure you can take a minute or two to go find that all on your own. … smh. LIVE LONG(er) & VAPE ON! 🙂

  • Becky Zenner 07/03/2015

    What coils does this Genesis sub ohm tank clone from Angel cigs use?!

  • Danny Cox 07/12/2015

    To Amanda and EvilBeast !! I just got my Genius in today and it is exactly like Matt or Nathan spoke !! How darn you two typing a butch of shit i will say that Amanda does give credit as how much money she has saved by reading you news page!! The tank is one of the best I have seen and I am working with Angelcigs on finding the coils for this tank as I am typing this comment. The coils has an o-ring at the top of it , so that is something I haven’t seen on all of the Subtanks, I have and they are many !! The Drip tip is like the Tesla Vortec (HUGE) and has 4 air holes in it and it is a beautiful tank !! What the hell do you think your gonna get at $17.42, a Triton !! You guys just need to spend your money somewhere else, cause I just might buy the rest they have in stock !! Yeah, I hate haters !!


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