FUFDA Mod by Ursimian – $79.99 USA

FUFDA Mechanical Mod

FUFDA Mechanical Mod

Authentic Mechanical Mod

Check out this new authentic mechanical mod selling for under $80 bucks. That’s right you can get the new FUFDA mod for only $79.99 when you use coupon code “VC5” for $5 off at checkout.

The FUFDA is an authentic mechanical mod made by Ursimian, FUFDA stands for: “the First Ursimian Fog Dispensing Apparatus”. Selling for under $80 makes this one of the cheapest mechanical mods made in the USA. If your interested in other cheap authentic mechanical mods give the 10 Authentic mechanical Mods Under $100 article a read.

The firing switch and top cap assembly of the FUFDA is quite unique and innovative. The bottom switch has no magnets or springs, instead the solid copper 510 center pin is made floating with the use of magnets pushing downward onto the battery. So when you screw an atomizer into the top cap it will not contact with the 51o center pin since it’s being held down onto the battery. When you fire the device you push up on the bottom switch, this pushes up the battery and 510 center pin which will then connects with the atomizer and fire the coil. If you don’t quite understand this explanation the video below will show you.

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FUFDA Mod Features:

  • Made out of Stainless Steel Construction
  • 22mm in diameter so it will fit most of your devices flush
  • 83mm in length
  • Most atomizers will fit flush with 0 user adjustment
  • No springs to heat up
  • Massive surface area for ground contact at the bottom of the battery
  • Solid copper center pin for maximum conductivity
  • No bottom delrin insulator, bottom recessed button is used solely to push the battery up, all springs and insulation are at the top cap (Truly innovative and revolutionary!)
  • Ultra affordable. Pushing USA Made products to a new low price point
  • Clean and elegant body, no logo on the tube to give the mod a very clean look!
  • 100% Made In USA at an ultra affordable price!
  • Innovative and Revolutionary

This video explains how the unique firing mechanism on the FUFDA mechanical mod.

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  • Drew Del 11/20/2014

    Wonder how long, or if, friction wears through the battery wrapper? I’m not saying this well happen, but I’d like to know.

    • Scott 11/28/2014

      Other than the holo sticker on my AW. None of my batteries are worn. I’ve had a preproduction one for 2 months.


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