Frsh Sqzd Sale! 100ml Only $7.99!

Frsh Sqzd Sale! 100ml Only $7.99!

E-Juice Sale

For a limited time only, Ejuice Connect is having a sale on the Frsh Sqzd E-Juice line right here where you can get 100ml bottle for only $7.99! No coupon code required!

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During the Frsh Sqzd E-Juice Sale, you can get a 100ml bottle for only $7.99! No coupon code required to get this amazing deal! The Frsh Sqzd line consists of five different flavors which are Blueberry Lemonade, Watermelon Mint Lemonade, Rainbow Lemonade, Sparkling Peach Lemonade and Strawberry Lemonade. In addition, each of these e-juice comes in a 100ml Chubby Gorilla Bottle, so it’s easy to fill your vape tanks and drip with! The only nicotine strength currently available is 3mg. Lastly, each of the flavor descriptions will be posted down below!

All in all, this is a excellent e-juice sale! If you’re looking to grab some refreshing vape flavors for the summertime, then this is a deal you cannot miss! Make sure to check out this deal at Ejuice Connect where you can get 100ml bottle for only $7.99!

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E-Juice Details:

  • 100ml Bottle Sizes
  • Chubby Gorilla Bottles
  • 70VG/30PG
  • Nicotine Strength Available: 3mg
  • Flavor Description:
    • Blueberry Lemonade: is a cool and refreshing vape blend of Blueberry Lemonade poured over a tall glass of ice and garnished with a slightly tangy lemon peel. Then add crushed ripe blueberries rolled in sugar.
    • Watermelon Mint Lemonade: is sweet crisp Watermelon Lemonade with a hint of Menthol to make this a truly refreshing vape experience!
    • Rainbow Lemonade: is exactly what you’re thinking its is, rainbow hard shell candy with the chewy center crushed by hand, dropped in lemonade and left overnight to infuse and marry flavors you’ll think were impossible to create
    • Sparkling Peach Lemonade: is a sweet and refreshing Old Fashion Lemonade vape with a carbonated twist. Tangy lemonade mixed with delicate yellow peach and bright white peaches make this one of the most refreshing new Peach Lemonade vapors around. Succulent ripe sweet summer peaches are carefully blended with slightly tart and tangy lemonade.
    • Strawberry Lemonade: is a zesty new strawberry infused lemonade vape sensation. Ripe sweet summer strawberries are dipped in sugar and hand crushed before they are carefully blended in a tangy lemonade to marry flavors. You’ve never had a Strawberry Lemonade as fresh as this

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