Fortune Mod Clone (18350/18650) – $22.21 CHINA

Fortune Mod Clone

Fortune Mod Clone

Small E-Cig Mod

A new clone of the Fortune mod is now avaliable at Fasttech, it comes in a set with both the 18650 and 18350 tube for only $22.21 with free shipping included.

The Fortune Mod is similar to the 4Nine mod in that it has a similar design and it’s very short. This mod is made of copper and has a hybrid top cap so the positive pin in your atomizer will connect directly to the battery. It also has a recessed bottom mounted magnetic switch and both tubes have engraved logos. I recommend you use a button top battery with this mod to avoid short circuits.

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  • Fortune Mods 09/01/2014

    Would you mind explaining why you recommend button top batteries for this mod? We recommend flat top batteries be used with the genuine fortune mod since there isn’t enough room inside the tube for a button top battery and most atomiser 510’s.

      • Fortune Mods 09/10/2014

        Any atomiser that shorts out with a flat top battery will also short out when using a button top battery (the button is wider than the 510 connection so it will still make contact with the negative part of the 510). The best recommendation would be to check your atomisers, and only use an atomiser that has the positive part of the 510 protruding past the negative threading. It is also worth noting that an atomiser with a “floating” 510 should not be used in conjunction with any “Direct to battery” mod.


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