Flash Sale, Nautilus $15.89 Aerotank MEGA $22.89

Vapor Co Flash Sale

Flash Sale

I just got notified of another Flash Sale at Shop vapor Co. They have a Aspire Nautilus for $15.89, the Aerotank MEGA for $22.89, and Black Hana Modz Clones in stock for $71.91.

Use the coupon code “FLASH20” to get 20% off your entire order, theres some great deals to be had.

I’ve talked to the manager of this store and they are a new company hungry for new customers, that’s why there offering so many amazing deals. See our Aspire nautilus review for more info on this tank.

Coupon Code: FLASH20

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<p>Nathan is the founder of VapingCheap.com and dedicated to finding the best vape deals online. In 2008 he had his first vape on a DSE-901 e-cigarette and has loved them ever since. He created Vaping Cheap to help current vapers save money and to help smokers make the switch to vaping.</p>

  • taz2041 06/14/2014

    I received my order yesterday from there last sale they had (order 2179). One of the items I ordered was the Origin mod but they shipped me a Origen dripper instead. The dripper came in a white mod box with Origin written in marker on the end and it was just the dripper. No drip tip, O-rings, or any of the usual stuff that comes with most drippers.
    I thought it was a bit unusual for a dripper to be packaged in a long mod box instead of the normal atty boxes, and it appears that other sites include extras with this dripper not to mention I couldn’t even find this dripper for sale on there website.
    I have sent them an email about it so we’ll what happens.
    The reason I am posting on here is that last time they had the sale and there was an issue with the shipping cost they replied to me on here and never answered my emails.

  • someguy 06/17/2014

    Yeah, I would avoid this vendor. Purchased an item for in store pick up, item has been stuck on processing. Sent them a few emails with no replies back. Paypal dispute opened.

    • someguy 06/17/2014

      Update: After filing the dispute, they instantly marked the item as complete. They are refusing the refund and are claiming that my order was done as a “fraudulent”. Then they started claiming that I do not understand how pick up works, then said that i gave them a fake phone number, and on and on.


      Horrible business practice and extremely rude.

    • taz2041 06/18/2014

      I have given them a few days to respond and still havent gotten a response from them at all. First they did not respond to my emails about the shipping charge and now they aren’t responding to my emails about sending me the wrong item.
      I am going to send one more email and if they don’t reply promptly, I will file a paypal dispute if they continue to ignore my emails.

      • someguy 06/18/2014

        I already filed a dispute and they are fighting it with every lame excuse out there. Claiming fraud, then saying I’m committing some federal crime, then saying they were super busy, blah blah blah. The idiot even had the balls to say I didn’t know how store pick up is and compares it to best buy and other reputable stores.

        I’m waiting until the 21st to escalate the claim for PayPal to handle it.

        The second I filed the dispute, the vendor Sent me an email. Bullshit company.

        • Gary 06/20/2014

          If you need any assistance let me know… Gary below

  • taz2041 06/18/2014

    I would have to agree with “someguy”. Avoid this vendor. They are definitely lacking in customer service. Which to me is the most important aspect of creating a loyal customer base.

    • taz2041 06/19/2014

      I received an email from them that the correct Item is in the mail. I have recomended them in another forum and sent them some buisiness so I hope all goes well.
      They were prompt with there reply. I will update my comments when I receive the mod. I spend a BUUUUUNCH of $$$$ on vaping so if they come through on this I will continue to do buisiness with them.

  • Gary 06/19/2014

    Nathan you know me from sending you many deals in the past even to the point where I think or felt that maybe I was getting under your skin a little but you see I’m job related disabled and really have way to much time on my hands and even though I have your direct email address I felt that this was an issue that really needs to be made public for the good of the community and it falls directly inline with the previous mentions about this company and I am going to make all of the previous comments, not just comments, but most likely facts by submitting for review my personal documented experience with this scam outfit.
    Nathan I feel we have had a good, though casual, relationship and from our past dealings I think you might recall that I am not someone to either send you nonsense or frivolous information, I want to show you and all the other commentators something about this company, and also the mention above about AVOID THIS COMPANY?
    Let me say this, if this company isn’t pulling some sort of scam I don’t know who is.
    Out of the hundreds of purchases I have made since I started vaping I have yet to experience this kind of crap from any vendor, ever.
    When I saw this sale notice Nathan, I went and ordered the Hana clone and another product totaling with the discount, which seemed really good at the time, $79.
    Please NOTE that I placed my order on Saturday the 14th,
    The following is actually cut and pastes from my transaction:
    “Your Vapor Co order receipt from June 14, 2014”
    Order: #2428
    Product Quantity Price
    1 $89.89
    1 $8.89
    Cart Subtotal: $98.78
    Cart Discount: -$19.76
    Shipping: Free Shipping
    Order Total: $79.02

    I think that part in the bill above, Free Shipping, well ya, because we don’t ship you anything.
    By Tuesday I hadn’t heard a word from this company so I sent this company a polite email inquiring into what was going on with my order, this was on Tuesday the 17th.!
    My email with Vapor Co’s reply:
    Note the time of my email, I waited late to see if I’d hear anything, nope.
    Subject: RE: Wondering about my order?
    Sent: Tuesday, June 17, 2014 11:21 PM
    To: Vapor Co
    Subject: Wondering about my order?
    I placed an order, Order #2428 was placed on June 14, 2014 and is currently processing.
    I was under the impression these items were in stock, did I not notice that perhaps this was a pr-order on the cloned Hana?
    Thank you
    The reply:
    the items were indeed in stock and all hana modz are shipping out today. since it is such a hot item we tend to ship those orders out in bulk.

    IN BULK? I only ordered one..
    OK that was Tuesday the 17th, so late Wednesday the 18th I still had not received a notice of shipment and NOW I am mad and suspecting scam or fraud and especially thinking that they didn’t actually have the Hana’s in stock and was probably waiting on a shipment and after reading how AngelCigs shipment got busted by customs and destroyed on the docks by customs due to clone issues and also posted on AngelCig FaceBook and a article by KYJosh I started to wonder if maybe this is what is going on with this company and their shipment got caught up like AngelCigs and they are now just going to keep my money, and so I decided late last night to go to their website and to the Hana page were if you look through their site this is the only place I could find any reviews on any of their products that they sell, all saying 5 star and how great the service shipping etc is at this company, well anyone can write those reviews including anyone who works there,
    So I decided I’d write a review knowing that if you go to any site and all you see is just 5 star ratings well they are more than likely moderating and picking and choosing the reviews to post on their site.
    So I wrote a review knowing this was going to be read by the people at this company, and I gave it a 3 star rating and launched into my rant about how I couldn’t really review the product since I haven’t received it and was wondering if they really even have them and I am really starting to wonder if I had just been scammed and ripped off for my money, etc…
    Well I got a response late last night after my post, that’s for sure, and with veiled threats.. !! from these fools and it’s now going to be a full on war and I will be bringing this up every where I can to include PayPal who processed this payment order.
    And oddly some how when I was over at ECF some asked about where to get a cloned DNA30 and I stupidly showed and pasted my receipt from this company, but fortunately no one there took the bait, but that gives me another avenue to expose this company.
    They will regret this fight that I can assure everyone..!!
    But Nathan I thought I’d start here so you are very aware of what this company is all about, because I personal like you and this site, and I have been in contact with you via emails many times and I know that you would know that I am not some kind of BS kind of guy,
    First I’d like to apologize Nathan in advance for the length of this post, but it’s my opinion based on fact that this company needs to be put out of business and this has now become my number one focus,
    I don’t need to say that I am furious beyond words and for the good of the Vape community I am warning everyone to STAY CLEAR of this company.
    HERE is their response to my review late last night and it’s quit clear that I succeeded in getting to them, as this clown with NO name lost his mind in his response to me.
    I have not yet responded directly as I will most likely have someone else do that since they made the threats at me so apparently they want a war, well consider it a done deal, I am more than happy to oblige.
    As a warning to any others who maybe considering doing business with this company, DON”T.
    Keep in mind that this response from Vapor Co is just their response and their are many untruths in it and to say things like I had written vulgarity on their BLOG site, what blog, it’s a review box, and go take a look around their site, what blog, and what other reviews besides the Hana’s.
    I think this knucklehead lost his mind and didn’t even bother with spell check..
    Ordered on Saturday and their next business day is Tuesday, hum and I never have talked to anyone, I sent that inquiry email in which they said they were shipping my purchase that day.
    Vapor Co reply to my review:
    On 6/18/2014 11:01 PM, Vapor Co wrote:
    > Gary,
    > The 14th was a saturday, which means it would process on the next business day: the store is not open on sundays which means your order would not be filled until Tuesday. it is now Wednesday, and i heard that you talked to someone yesterday. If your box was not shipped today (we will find out in the morning) then we will refund your money tomorrow morning. And cancel the order. As you can see we have excellent customer service ratings as well as products reviews, and it is really the simple fact that the item you purchased is a hot item and due to the high demand of this product the order takes longer to proccess. We see you are completely dissatisfied with our company and usually we would regret to lose this kind of business, but with your horrid attitude we do not regret not selling anything to you. Furthermore, our blog is not tolerant of profanity so we will not be publishing your comment. If you would like to re-submit a review that is of class and intelligence we will happily post it–good or bad. Finally, Our company reserves the right to refuse service to anyone as well as guard itself against harassment or slander–some food for thought.
    > Regards,
    > Vapor Co
    Well there you have it, now try and figure that out Nathan, should I resubmit a review??
    Better not with my “Horrid” attitude, so OK next time someone robs me, I’ll keep that attitude comment in mind. Oh and that profanity? I think he’s referring to when I said, “WTF”..!!
    And I still stand by that.
    I am sorry to have ever had to bring this to you but you where the first person I felt should know about this, and I find it quit ironic how their last veiled threat towards me is how the reserve the right to refuse service and to guard itself against harassment or slander, SOME FOOD FOR THOUGHT,
    REALLY is my thought on that, damn con artists making threats to ME…!!!
    Well people above this post, watch out all you slanderous people you, I’m telling you this outfit need to be put to sleep and ECF is my next stop.
    And this will never end now, make threats when they have stolen my money???
    I will be in contact with PayPal and see what they will do about this company.
    Thank you Nathan and I’m sorry but you really needed to know about this and to not allow this company onto your good site..!!

  • Gary 06/20/2014

    Well my dear Honorable fellow Vapers and to Mr. Nathan Shaw, Yes if you hadn’t noticed it’s Nathan, that really fantastic guy who’s always sending us the very best in vaping deals and might I mention, at dirt cheap, direct to your email box and daily!
    First I want to say thank you to Nathan for being so bold as to post my lengthy comment about this company Vapor Co.
    Nathan it was the right decision to post what I had to say because it just might save someone from having to go through what a number of these other fine vaping friends have gone through and to include myself, and shamefully and stupidly I must admit, I read the warnings from taz2041 and someguy who nailed it by warning to Avoid this Vendor.
    I see now that suddenly tazz2041 got some action from this company and just today..
    That is fantastic, but I find the day and time even more interesting, hum maybe they got the message?
    When I wrote the post above I had not yet responded to Vapor Co’s response to me regarding my purchase shown above or my comments I made on their website reviews page for that Hana clone, the page that shows an original Hana mod while attempting to sell the clone of this mod, not really sure if Hana would appreciate them using a picture of their product to sell clones to the masses, but that’s for Hana.
    However after writing the above post I did respond to Vapor Co and as you might imagine I was none to happy with them.
    You might have read their comments to me in the post above and now you can read my response to them, Vapor Co.
    Sent 11:11 am 6/19
    Subject: Re: Your order, Yes that’s right my order my money.

    So at least you know my name, but you don’t know my reputation, you are a pitiful little squirrel and if you want to make veiled threats against me, then you will reap what you have sown..
    I may not know you by your name, but I certainly could come up with one that would accurately describe you..!

    You’ve mentioned stupidly, about some sort of reputation you have?
    Well I hate to be the first to inform you that your reputation is not what you stupidly think it is, and it’s about to get much worse for you.
    This, little squirrel, is a promise..!

    You should really know who you are messing with before you start, and personally, I am looking forward to flat out crushing your company.. you are obviously con artists and or possibly thieves, that will remain to be seen, and I am not the only one that has come to that conclusion, hence the reason I did not respond to you last night when I read your idiotic response, I find out first just who it is I am about to tear apart.

    You want a fight with me, well that will be your first mistake, and you will quickly learn that, and then learn to regret having made those veiled threats towards me and if it’s slander your worried about well you need not look any further than where your sale ad was ran at Vaping Cheap were there is plenty of slander aimed dead at you and your company, so reputation, not so good, and getting worse by the minute, guaranteed, NOW there’s some FOOD FOR THOUGHT..!!

    I have in the past had contact with Mr. Nathan Shaw and I have already sent notice to him of this dispute.

    So allow me to give you some sound advice, DO as you threatened to do, Reserve your rights to refuse me service.. and then, REFUND ALL of my money immediately…!!
    The refund would be sent to the PayPal account that sent you my money, and who is also the company who will be notified shortly of the character of your company should you stupidly decide to drag your stupid little squirrel feet,

    Should you wisely decide that my suggestions above are definitely in your own best interest, then perhaps I may then decide to view YOU and YOUR COMPANY as nothing more than a minor annoyance..!
    Time is not on your side..!
    Vapor Co response sent to me at 11:25am,
    we have refunded you the money because simply we are just in aw by how spiteful you are. good day to you.
    Received from PayPal 11:23am 6/19
    Vapor Co just sent you a refund
    Vapor Co just sent you a full refund of $79.02 USD for your purchase.
    It may take 3-5 business days to receive the refund in your PayPal account.
    If you have any questions about this refund, please contact Vapor Co.
    The refund will go to the card you paid with.
    Merchant information
    Vapor Co
    [email protected]
    Note from merchant
    None provided
    Original transaction details
    Description Unit price Qty Amount
    $89.89 USD 1 $89.89 USD
    Item #: TECH306
    $8.89 USD 1 $8.89 USD
    Subtotal: $79.02 USD
    Discount: -$19.76 USD
    Total: $79.02 USD

    So spiteful I must be? Hum,
    Placed the order Saturday at this company, politely inquired on Tuesday, was lied to by the squirrel at Vapor Co about when the Hana would be shipped, heard nothing, made a review comment, heard from them that I am basically slandering them and threatened me basically or warned me should I continue telling everyone that this company is worrisome to say the least and or what ever, I wrote the above comment and made a few others and then I responded back to them and bro taz2041 gets some action around the same time well howdy do, what else?
    Oh ya I never knew his or her name, so had to address them as “Squirrel” and why would I refer to them or they as “Squirrel”? Because I knew these Squirrels had NO NUTS or I’d have a Hana clone mod right now…!
    Ah who cares, got my money back and my feelings hurt? And oh how spiteful I am aw shucks, and NOW I am going to attempt to buy a REAL HANA buy growing some nuts of my own and support that vendor Hana, so I have a clone of just about everything and frankly I’m a bit ashamed and I have learned my own lessons, follow my morals and start breaking with the bucks I have saved thus far.
    Maybe this company got the message that they needed to clean up their act and I sure hope that taz2041 thinks about this, So OK straighten out this mess and then back to the usual?
    I’d suggest to anyone, there are a lot of really good companies out there.
    I do have honor and integrity so if I start something, I finish it, and that includes my telling anyone who read this that they did refund my money within minutes of my response to their nonsense, but that was not why I sent it to them to begin with.
    Remember measure twice, cut once…! And Thank You Mr. N.S..!!

      • Gary 06/21/2014

        That is most likely a wise decision, rarely have I seen this many issues with one vendor, 1 OK 2, 3 signals go off, and I actually though I had sent significant warning to these people to just walk away and clean up their act but they seem to honestly believe that they are the victims over this issue and I also truly believe that by the tone, wording, and the sort of victim stance that there may be some mental health issues at play here, and that’s unfortunate, but as I told them if they are not prepared for a light weight confrontation like what I laid on them, then just what are they prepared to do when someone gets really mad or why try to be in business at all?
        But they now claim they are scared of me, intimidated and feel that I have slandered their good name and reputation, oh??
        Seems to me that when I came here to see your write up I always look for comments and low and behold there were a couple, but as usual I stupidly ignored the good folks who sent plenty of warning so it’s actually my own fault I got into this mess.
        I sent you a copy of that Cease and Desist that they sent me this morning via email and I’m hoping you might have seen it, I don’t know if you actually moderate the posts or most likely there’s someone else as I know your a very busy guy.
        I’d even be a bit surprised if you and your company haven’t received a demand to remove these slanderous comments, as they have referred to them to me.
        I found that 101vape has the Clouper box mode right now and cheaper than these characters so I grabbed one this morning, and oddly, considering my most recent adventure with Vapor Co, almost instantly I had my receipt of purchase and then within 2 hours I had a tracking number, funny thing is that, I wasn’t shocked at all, now that’s fast shipping and a company that’s really in the game, but then right as soon as I get 101’s confirmation of purchase an ECF post comes by with all the problems that are recently being discovered with this latest version of the Hana mod, great..LOL oh those slanderous smarties and trouble makers that hang out at ECF.
        Just can’t catch a break..LOL maybe there’s a message here for me, like go to Hana a beg them to sell me one? A real one?
        With all the money I’ve saved just by subscribing to your site I can easily break with just a couple Benjamins. Geez I don’t need anymore clones, as I think I might own one of just about everything and have now been able to see what’s great in a mod or so so, or excellent and that makes buying the real deal much easier.
        The few, very few, originals that I own I have actually found that the clones often have taken the originals concepts but improved on them, and the clone is actually a better product but I won’t name them, it’s interesting.
        Most the stuff I have has been either directly, or closely related to something you posted here, like you post a deal on some atty and I go to the site and end up buying the whole shebang, darn vape mail addict big time but see I am also a firm believer in conservation and I don’t want a vendor to ever just send one thing in a USPS bag or a box none the less, my rule is fill it until it’s full and it’s all your fault Nathan. and I just love it,
        Thanks for the work you do Nathan I for one really appreciate YOU..!!
        Wishing you the best my friend.

  • Gary 06/20/2014

    OK, I can understand why my last comment wasn’t posted it was over the top and I’m sorry for that but these people have a knack for getting under my skin.
    But first in all fairness, after my fiery response to Vapor Co and demand to them for immediate refund I received the following and I think in all fairness this should be posted to SHOW that this company isn’t or shouldn’t be viewed unfavorably just because everyone on this page has mostly posted negative comments, heck with a little nudge they do the right thing and refund my money post haste and to them I give them credit and I thank them and have when I responded to the nutty notice they sent me this morning.
    Vapor Co just sent you a refund,
    Vapor Co just sent you a full refund of $79.02 USD for your purchase.
    It may take 3-5 business days to receive the refund in your PayPal account.
    If you have any questions about this refund, please contact Vapor Co.
    The refund will go to the card you paid with.
    To see all the transaction details, please log into your PayPal account. It may take a few moments for this transaction to appear in your account.
    Merchant information
    Vapor Co
    [email protected]
    Note from merchant
    None provided
    Original transaction details
    Description Unit price Qty Amount
    $89.89 USD 1 $89.89 USD

    Maybe you got one of these also Nathan??
    This morning I received this also from Vapor Co, seems they don’t get it, and emailed the following notice, LOL oh boy

    (JUNE 19th 2014)

    Dear Sir:

    This CEASE AND DESIST ORDER is to inform you that your harassing and intimidating actions against VAPOR CO. has become unbearable. Such anti-social behavior is completely unacceptable and will not be tolerated in any way, shape or form. This letter is to demand that your harassment and intimidation must CEASE AND DESIST immediately. Should you continue to pursue these activities in violation of this CEASE AND DESIST ORDER, we will not hesitate to pursue further legal action against you, including, but not limited to, civil action and/or criminal complaints.

    Threatening messages and attempting to slander Vapor Co.

    Please note that VAPOR CO. has the right to remain free from your intimidating tactics, and we will take the responsibility upon ourselves to protect that right. Note that a copy of this letter and a record of its delivery will be stored. Note too that it is admissible as evidence in a court of law and will be used as such if need be in the future.

    This CEASE AND DESIST ORDER demands that you immediately discontinue and do not at any point in the future under any circumstances.

    Note that your behavior is a violation of the California Penal Code Subsection 646.9 – Stalking and 422 – Punishment for Threats

    This letter does not constitute exhaustive statement of my position nor is it a waiver of any of my rights and/or remedies in this and/or any other related matter.

    We demand your immediate compliance, and furthermore that you confirm in writing that all violative activity will cease immediately.
    Very truly yours,


    Sent Via Email/First Class Mail Delivery Confirmation


    Now that’s a keeper, makes me smile, well you have to actually give them credit, they are trying to defend there position and right to be slow pokes when it comes to shipping you purchases.
    Stupid Google screws up someone again,

    As a retired legal professional this has to be the corniest thing I’ve seen at least in memory.
    But heck I hope they can clean up their act and make something out of themselves, I got my money back and I have no ill will contrary to what they seem to think,
    It’s just like this, in business if you can’t take the heat get out, and if my demand for a refund traumatized them, well I guess that’s subjective and I suppose if they want to continue first order of operations would be to request all medical and mental health records, hum.
    I sure am hopeful that I don’t have to come out of retirement just to make a point, bought the same mod at 101vape this morning for less and it’s in the mail already, so I’ve advised this company to just walk away and quit with the clown show and clean up their act, simple??

    Nathan, it would be fair to this company to show that albeit a bit strange they can do the right thing, just have to poke them just right, I hate doing stuff like that, seriously.

  • someguy 06/21/2014

    Tomorrow is when I escalate my claim via PayPal. I’ve bought numerous items from a bunch of online vendors and this one was the worst.

    I don’t understand how difficult it is for them to give me a refund. I did not pick up the item, I requested a refund via email and they did not reply for 3 days. I filed a dispute and they are fighting it.

    I really don’t understand. They have nothing to lose yet they are trying to keep my $13.

  • Gary 06/21/2014

    Well had to cut and paste all of this into one document, 12 pages, wow I’m long winded but in one of my statements you can might see why, it’s old habit, be accurate and detailed or you lose.
    Saved just in case some very odd people don’t know when it’s time to walk away and learn a lesson.

  • [email protected] 06/29/2014

    I know its been a while but Ive been meaning to give an update on the status of my order but have been busy with work and am just now getting the chance.
    I figure I would give an update and put a positive spin on this.
    First off I had and Issue with the shipping charge but the seller came through and refunded me the shipping cost.
    The next issue I had is that they had sent me an Origen dripper with my order by mistake rather than the Origin mod I ordered.
    I sent them an email and they replied promptly to my issue and came through for me big time. They told me I could have the Origen dripper for free (which is AWSOME BTW!!) and would send me out my mod right away.
    Just a couple days afterwards not only did I receive the mod I ordered but they also sent me 2 bottles of premium ejuice for FREE on top of the Origen dripper they told me I could have!!!
    IMO there were a few new buisiness “start up” hiccups but they have ironed them out.

    They not only stepped up they went WAY above and beyond. More so than any other company Ive dealt with (and I order ALOT of vaping stuff). In doing so they have definitely won me over and I will continue to do buisiness with them and recommend them to others. In fact they sent me there latest email which had
    30% off mods & accessories coupon code (FLASH30)
    50% off on DIY E-Liquid and USA Made E-Liquid products coupon code (50liquid)
    spend $100.00 or more and receive a free Nautilus Aspire Tank coupon code (freenautilus)
    I have already placed another order with them to try some of there DIY flavors and may place an additional order with them to take advantage of there 30% off.

  • [email protected] 07/28/2014

    Its been a while but thought I would give another update. After several issues with this company the first time around they finally came through for me and made it right. Although It had inititially had a bad taste in my mouth from it them coming through I chalked it up to a couple new buisiness “start up” Hiccups”. So I continued to recommend them and even posted the coupon codes they emailed me on my post on here. I decided to give them another chance place another order with them (order# 2617) for some DIY flavors. Well I received the order quickly however I was shorted 4 bottles of flavoring.
    1.) I ordered 2 bottles of strawberry and was only sent one bottle.
    2.) I ordered 2 bottles of watermelon and only received one bottle.
    3.) I ordered 3 bottles of lemon and only received one bottle.
    I emailed them immediately after opening the package and they replied back very quick and said they would send me the missing ones right away.
    I leave for about 4 days for work and come home. No package had arrived. I was leaving for vacation the same day I got home and figured I would wait and see if it showed up. Get home from vacation and still nothing. Sent an email and waited a couple days. No reply.
    Send another email and wait a couple days. Again no reply.
    Once again I send them another email about it and once again they they just will not respond.


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