Fishbone RDA Clone $7.53


Fishbone Rebuildable Atomizer

Both the Fishbone RDA clone and the Fishbone replacement glasses are available through FastTech right now for $7.53 and $1.75 respectively. If you are looking for a new rebuildable dripping atomizer, you should pick this up.

The Fishbone RDA is a great atomizer that sports bottom-fed airflow just like the Kennedy V2 and a nicely sized build deck. The primary draw for the Fishbone is its glass sleeve. Believe me, it may seem ridiculous, but this atomizer performs well.

One of the problems that most people have found with the Fishbone is that the glass can easily be busted. Now there are colored replacement glasses to fix this problem. Pick yourself up a few replacement sleeves, and you are golden.

In all, the Fishbone RDA is a fantastic atomizer that allows for some decently sized builds. I have not had a problem with leaking thus far from mine either, which was on thing that I worried about. If you are seeking a new RDA, you should definitely check out this clone.

Do not miss out on this great deal from FastTech. Pick up a Fishbone RDA clone for just $7.53 and a replacement sleeve for $1.75. And as always, vape on.

Fishbone Clone

Replacement Sleeve


  • 510 threading connection with adjustable copper center pin
  • Glass shell with wide top over Kennedy v2 styled base
  • Adjustable copper center post
  • Posts have large holes
  • Great bottom airflow: 4 holes
  • Deep juice wells
  • 22mm diameter

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