Erlkonigin RBA Clone Atomizer – $13.90

Erlkonigin RTA Clone

Erlkonigin RTA Clone

eCigarette RBA

You can now get a Erlkonigin Clone for only $13.90 at Foacl eCig with free shipping. They also have a version avaliable at Fasttech for $14.00.

The Erikonigin is a new rebuildable tank atomizer (RBA) that’s very similar to a Kayfun or Taifun in design and offers a vape that is just as good if not better. This bottom coil tank atomizer was originally designed and produced in Austria and sold for around $200 dollars. The Austrian name of this tank loosely translates to “Illusive” in English.

This RBA offers some unique and useful features like it’s top cap that allows for super easy filling, just twist it 45 degrees to reveal two fill holes, fill the tank through either hole and twist it back closed when your done. It has 2 fill-holes so that while you fill the tank through one hole air get’s let out of the second hole.

This RBA is extremely lightweight and the design of the chimney section is said to improve flavor over comparable atomizers.

$14.00 FT   $13.90 Focal

Erikonigin Clone Features:

  • 6ml Co-Polymer Tank
  • Easy Fill Top Cap by twisting 45 degrees to expose a filling hole.
  • integrated AFC in the base
  • Direct Positive Pole Connector
  • Standard 510 threading
  • Proprietary threaded plastic drip tip.
  • Tank is not a structural element. Chimney attached to the top cap to give the unit more strength.
  • Innovative Wick Guide (Channels) which allows the tank to be vaped completely before the need to refill.

Comes with:

  • 6ml Co-Polymer Tank
  • Black Plastic Drip


The video above is a review of the Erlkonigin RBA by Todd. He goes over all the cool features of this device and shows you how to build a nice coil. This is a review of the original so the clone version may be a bit different.

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