Eleaf iStick Kiya with GS Juni Kit Review: Truly Exceeding Expectations

Eleaf iStick Kiya with GS Junk Kit Review

The Eleaf iStick series of mods are very popular and we've seen many being released in the past couple of years as this is one of Eleaf's most popular line of box mods. They've now added their newest addition which is the Eleaf iStick Kiya with GS Juni Kit. This entire vape kit sports an ultra-compact design, and best of all it's incredibly affordable, just like all of the other iStick Mods that have been released in the past.

Before getting any further into this Eleaf Kiya review, we'd like to thank VapeSourcing for sending this vape starter kit our way for the purposes of this review. We'll cover our first impressions, usage, performance, pros and cons, and conclude with whether or not we recommend the Eleaf iStick Kiya Starter Kit!

First Impressions of Eleaf Kiya

Upon first receiving this vape kit, I first noticed the familiar Eleaf packaging, which we've seen with most of the newer Eleaf products. On the front, you'll see an image of the iStick Kiya Starter Kit alongside the name and the primary feature which is the large 1.45-inch color display screen. On the back, you'll get some minor information about the device and it does list what's included. As with all other Eleaf packaging, everything is secure during transit, which is definitely a good thing.

Included in the package you do receive the Eleaf iStick Kiya, the GS Juni Atomizer, 1 GS Air 0.75 ohm coil, 1 GS Air 1.5 ohm coil, 1 QC charger, 2 user manuals and a bag of spare parts. The color I received is Greenery, but there are 2 other colors available which are Silver and Black.

Once you slide open the packaging, you're immediately met with the Eleaf iStick Kiya and the Eleaf GS Juni Atomizer. My first impression of the entire kit is that it's very small, but it does have a very large screen and probably the largest out of all of the mini mods or smaller mods available on the market today. The screen size is bigger than we've seen on larger mods too such as dual 18650 vape mods or even triple 18650, which may be a good or bad thing as this is subjective.

eleaf kiya kit assembled

Aside from the large screen, the mod itself is quite tiny, and the included tank as well. The tank looks to be either 20mm or 22mm in diameter, so it compliments the Kiya nicely. When first holding the Kiya, it felt comfortable to hold, and it has that Vaporshark feel to it on the sides. The fire button is designed similarly to Smok products where it's a firing bar rather than a button. However, clicking towards the bottom won't register, only from the middle and up will it register you pressing it.

I do have to state a con right away though, the charging port is located at the bottom rather than the side. I would've loved to have seen the charging port at the side, and honestly, I'm not too sure why Eleaf designed it as such. Another con is that the Eleaf Juni tank features a traditional bottom fill design rather than top fill, which is another surprising design Eleaf went with. Since we're used to seeing top fill tanks now, I'm not too sure why Eleaf would make this tank a bottom fill.

Overall, my first impressions of the Eleaf iStick Kiya with GS Juni Kit were good. There were two cons to be mentioned, but none that were deal breakers in my opinion.


As mentioned earlier, this entire vape starter kit sports an ultra-compact form factor, so traveling with it during the day has been nothing, but a great experience. It'll fit basically anywhere from your pocket, bag or purse. Not to mention, it feels great in the hands with no sharp edges to be found.

Navigating through the menu is also very simple, and similar to other newer Eleaf Box Mods. 5 clicks of the firing bar will turn the device on or off. While it's off, you can press the fire bar and it will display a clock, which is a nice feature. Once the device is on, a simple 3 clicks will enter the menu where you can choose from "mode", "set", "info", and "exit". When choosing "mode", you can select the different temperature control modes, TCR, clock or bypass mode.

In "set", you can select your TC power, lock the resistance of your coil, enter stealth mode, adjust your preheat settings and more. In "info", you can check the battery voltage and the firmware that the device is currently running. On the base screen, it'll display your wattage, coil resistance, voltage output, time and a battery bar. The screen itself is quite bright and easy to see in various settings. The font is also on the larger side, making it even easier to see.

kiya mod on wooden table

One surprising feature of the Eleaf iStick Kiya is that it can accommodate atomizers up to 25mm. You wouldn't think a mod so small can fit such a large atomizer, but you surely can with this one. You wouldn't be putting any large or power hungry coil builds on this mini box mod, but a small single coil RTA with a standard round wire coil build would pair excellently with the Kiya.

Moving on to the GS Juni Atomizer, it's a simple tank really that's made for both mouth-to-lung and direct-lung vaping. The included drip tip is Delrin, which is comfortable and never gets hot. The only issue as mentioned previously is the bottom fill design. Although it's easy to fill, it still isn't ideal. The airflow can easily be adjusted while on the mod, and there is a small airflow setting just before closing it off fully, which is nice for mouth-to-lung.

My overall iStick Kiya review is that using it has been great! You can easily fit this starter kit anywhere, and what's even better is how easy it is to use and set up, making it great for both beginners and advanced users.

iStick Kiya's Performance

The performance of this entire kit is actually really good and a lot better than what I first expected. The iStick Kiya does sport a 1,600 mAh internal battery and can be charged using the included QC cable. A great feature to this device is that it does have 2A charging, so charging this device can be done rather quickly. It also has a maximum wattage output of 50w, which is pretty impressive given the size of the device.

The temperature control mode worked fine, but it's not the best TC I've used. Of course, it's not on the level of a DNA Box Mod, but it's pretty good when comparing it to other similarly priced mini mods. I did test this device only in stainless steel temperature control mode and it's TCR mode as I don't really vape any other TC capable wire aside from SS.

You do have to keep in mind that this device only has a maximum wattage output of 50w, so SS Fused Claptons and similar builds won't perform that well. However, with a simple stainless steel round wire build, it worked great. In addition, it does feel like it's giving 50w when set there, which is a pro.

The battery life on this device will depend on what wattage you're vaping at. If you're vaping this device at its maximum 50w, then you'll burn through battery life very quickly. However, when vaping between 20w and 30w, you can get a couple of hours which isn't too bad given its size and internal battery size. Don't expect all-day battery life out of the Kiya, but thanks to its 2A charging, you'll be back to vaping in no time.

istick kiya in hand

The Eleaf GS Juni does take the GS Air replacement coil heads, which are found quite easily and we've seen these coils used in previous Eleaf Vape Tanks. The two included coils are the 0.75 ohm and 1.5 ohm. The 1.5 ohm is best used for mouth-to-lung vaping and the 0.75 ohm can be used for either direct-lung vaping or mouth-to-lung vaping. I personally enjoyed the 0.75 ohm coil the most, as I do prefer direct lung vaping.

The flavor was okay, it wasn't the best flavor nor was it the worse. Honestly, with these coil heads and this tank, I wasn't expecting the best flavor, but it was a bit better than what I initially expected it to be. While using the 0.75 ohm coil, I would prefer the airflow wide open, and I would get a pretty restricted direct lung vape experience. If you're looking for tons of airflow, then this tank is simply not for you. However, if you enjoy a restricted lung hit, you'd probably enjoy this tank.

With the 0.75 ohm coil, I would vape it between 22w and 27w. Any higher and I could tell the coil was having trouble keeping up with a 70VG/30PG e-juice. Also, at this wattage, the vape was semi-warm, which is something I do prefer. With the 1.5 ohm coil head, I would vape it between 12w and 15w. It does provide a pretty good mouth-to-lung vape, and the flavor was also decent. However, with this coil, I would shut the airflow down a bit as I do prefer a tighter mouth-to-lung vape experience.

Depending on which coil you use will determine how quickly you would go through e-liquid. However, you won't be chugging through vape juice like a sub ohm tank would. With the 0.75 ohm coil, the 2ml tank would last me about an hour or two depending on how much I was vaping, which isn't too bad. Of course, filling was a bit of annoyance due to its bottom fill design. With this design, it does leave some wasted space.

Overall, the performance of the Eleaf iStick Kiya Starter Kit was good! Like mentioned previously, the entire kit did surpass my initial expectations in regards to performance, which is definitely a good thing!



  • Ultra Compact Form Factor
  • 2A Charging
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable to Hold
  • Various Features (Temperature Control, TCR, Bypass, etc.)
  • Can fit atomizers up to 25mm
  • Large 1.45 inch color display screen
  • Charging port at the bottom
  • Bottom fill design


In conclusion, the Eleaf iStick Kiya with GS Juni did surpass my expectations in almost every aspect and I have thoroughly enjoyed using this vape kit. I like that this kit does include two different coil heads, and can provide two different vape experiences which are mouth-to-lung and direct-lung. In addition, the fact that all of these features are packed into such a small form factor is quite impressive.

Although there are so many pros to this starter kit, there are some cons that were mentioned. Firstly, the charging port at the bottom. Honestly, it would've been much better to have it on the side, as you don't really want to leave your tank sitting on its side while attached to the mod while charging. I didn't experience any leaking, but still, I'd rather be safe than sorry. The other con, which is the bottom fill design is more of an annoyance than anything really.

However, the Eleaf iStick Kiya Starter Kit still puts out a good vape and will certainly satisfy the needs of many vapers, even beginners who are still finding their way. So, if you don't mind the cons listed, and looking for an ultra compact and affordable vape starter kit, I can definitely recommend this kit.

We hope you find this iStick Kiya Kit review helpful in finding the right vape starter kit to fit all of your vaping needs! Feel free to leave any questions or comments down below! Thanks for reading!

Product Features

  • Eleaf iStick Kiya
    • Internal 1,600 mAh Battery
    • Micro USB Charging (QC Cable Included)
    • 2A Charging
    • Large 1.45 inch Color Display Screen
    • Maximum Wattage Output: 50w
    • Temperature Control (Ni200, Ti, SS)
    • TCR & Bypass Modes
    • Real Time Clock System
    • Compatible with atomizers up to 25mm in diameter without overhang
    • Many Safety Features
    • Firmware Upgradeable
    • Reset Function
    • Ultra Compact Design
  • Eleaf GS Juni
    • 2ml E-Liquid Capacity
    • Bottom Fill Design
    • Fully Adjustable Bottom Airflow
    • Delrin Drip Tip
    • Compact Design
    • Compatible with GS Air Coil Heads
    • Includes 0.75 ohm & 1.5 ohm Replacement Coil Heads
    • Bag of Spare Parts Included

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  • Adam 12/23/2017

    Thank you so much for this very detailed review! I was kinda on the fence about wether or not I wanted to get this, I own a Smok Osub King 220w mod & it stopped working, although it went up to 220w I only ever used it on 50w, so I think this kiya kit will be just fine for me



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