EHpro Kryptonite Clone 26650 Mod – $64.12 USA

Kryptonite Mod Clone by EHpro

Ehpro Kryptonite Clone

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They just marked the price of the 26650 EHpro Kryptonite clone down for a daily deal. You can get one for only $64.12 when you use coupon code “ECF5OFF” for an extra 5% off at checkout.

The Kryptonite mod made by EHpro is a thick and heavy-duty 26650 mod, this mod actually weighs over 1 pound. The mod is made of stainless steel and brass pieces to create a very stunning and very durable mechanical mod. Don’t have any 26650 batteries? No problem the Kryptonite comes with a Delrin adapter so you can power it with 18650 batteries.

The top pin is a spring-loaded pin that will automatically adjust to your atomizer so it will always sit flush on the mod. The battery contacts are silver plated copper for improved conductivity that will prevent a voltage drop. The body of this mod actually telescopes slightly so you can eliminate battery rattle and ensure good contacts. The bottom mounted spring-loaded switch has a massive spring that is still soft and easy to press.

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EHpro Kryptonite Features:

  • Accepts 26650 battery and 18650 battery with included delrin tube
  • Primarily Brass with Stainless Steel Accents
  • Silver-Plated Copper Contacts
  • Spring Loaded floating Positive 510 contact Pin
  • Slightly Telescopic Body to Adjust for Battery Rattle
  • Firing Button is Recessed and 100% Copper
  • Short Throw, Large Spring Eliminates Hot Button Issues
  • 510 threaded connection

Check out the video below to see the Kryptonite in action. It shows how the body is slightly telescopic so you can make sure your battery fits inside nicely. You can also dissemble the top and bottom cap to easily access all the different parts for cleaning.  The bottom spring-loaded switch has a copper button and a thick spring to match the durability of the rest of this massive mod. This mod has a ton of great features so if you’re looking for a heavy, durable, and solid mod the Kryptonite Clone is the mod for you.

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