Efest IMR 18650 38A/60A $7.99

Efest 18650 38A

You can now get the new 38A Efest Purple IMR 18650 batteries from 101Vape for only $7.99 each plus shipping. A seller on ebay also has a pack of two listed for only $17.67 plus free shipping.

The new purple Efest 18650 batteries are made with sub-ohmers in mind, they offer a huge 38A maximum continuous discharge rate and a 60A pulse discharge rate. Even though they have a huge discharge rate they still have a reasonable capacity at 2100mah.

If you never build below 0.3ohms then you probably don’t need these batteries. You may be better off with some cheaper batteries like these LG He2 18650 batteries for $6.99.

$7.99 each   Two for $17.67

38A Efest IMR 18650 Features:

  • Nominal Voltage: 3.6v
  • Voltage at end of discharge: 2.5v
  • Max charging current: 4A
  • Standard charge: 2A
  • Max. continuous discharge current: 38A
  • Continuous discharge current: 30A
  • Pulse discharging current: 60A
  • Battery Cell Material: LiMn
  • Battery Model: 18650 v1 (Flat)
  • Capacity: 2100mAh
  • Positive: Flat Top V1
  • Protection: Unprotected
  • Cycle Life: 500 Cycles
  • Dimensions: 66mm (L) x 18mm (D) (+/- .5)

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  • gary walters 04/06/2015

    2x 38a Efest 18650 $7.99

    A little false advertisement!! Isn’t it??

  • Sub-lime 04/06/2015

    So what batteries are these really? If they are Sony VTC4’s, then they fluffed the cont amp rating a bit. I am cool with the way eFest re-wraps, just like I am cool with AW’s, but what I am not cool with is how they tend to fluff Amp ratings. Anyone know what they are?


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