ECMP 6000mah E-Cig by MJTech

6000mah ECMP E-Cigarette

6000mah E-Cigarette

If you’re a fan of the MPV 2.0 you might be interested in the new ECMP E-Cigarette by MJTech. This new electronic cigarette box mod has a huge 6000mah capacity which is the largest battery I’ve ever seen in a e-cigarette. Like the MPV it also has a USB output port that can be used to charge other electronic devices.

The ECMP has the firing switch right on the front of the device just like the MVP, above it there are 5 different color LED’s. These LED’s indicate the battery voltage level: white means 4.2-3.9V, blue means 3.9-3.7V, green means 3.7-3.5V, and red means 3.5V or below. To turn the device on and off just press the button quickly 5 times.

This device was made with campers and travelers in mind so one of its features is a LED flashlight built into the base of the device. It also has a USB drive for “D-Flash cards” which I don’t understand. On the video below they say this feature allows you to insert a D-Flash card in the USB drive and then by connecting the USB output to a computer you can read whatever is on the card. Ya, I don’t understand why they put this on a e-cigarette either.

Other than the LED flashlight and USB drive you will also find a USB output, a micro USB input, an output on/off switch, and 4 more battery level indicators on the bottom of the ECMP. On the top it has a 510 connection with ego threading.

The ECMP e-cigarette comes with a USB charging cable that has a old iPhone, new iPhone, and mini USB connection. Overall the device measure 107mm tall by 47mm wide and 26mm deep.

I’ll link to the MJTech website but I can’t find anything about the ECPM e-cigarette on it. Actually there isn’t much information about this device anywhere. I’ll update the post when I get more information or someone starts selling these.

Above is a video of the ECPM e-cigarette by MJTech. If you want to see all the features of the device give it a watch.

ECMP by MJTech

USB port ECMP E-Cig

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  • Midniteoyl 10/12/2014

    Hmm.. I wonder if ‘D-Flash card’ means ‘Sim Card’? Googled it, but came up with nothing.. Looks like a Sim though..

  • Mark Timblin 10/12/2014

    Nathan, I have one of these, I also have an MVP 2. the e-CMP as it is called, known as is a bit taller and wider, and a tad thicker than my MVP. However it is a WHOLE lot lighter than my MVP! I couldn’t believe it when I picked this up, I figured with a 6,000 mAh battery, this was gonna be a pig, but to my surprise…not in the least. On the MJ Tech web site..somewhere is a link to the e-CMP. I saw one advertised or a phot..something a couple months ago..thought…cool..a larger version of the MVP. On MJ Tech’s website I did watch a video that extolled the virtues of the e-CMP. However; what I got out of the video was that it was touted as a variable voltage device… we all know it is not! I think the fact that as it discharges the voltage drops and one can tell by the color when you press the fire button what your approximate voltage is.
    I don’t know if you have tried one, have one to try, I will say this, be mindful that when you stand this bugger on end, the button that matters is on the bottom. You press and hold for 1-2 sec. the bottom 4 led will light up giving you an approximation of how much battery is left. Also, when you stand the e-CMP on end there is a better chance that at some point you WILL turn the little led flashlight on. For such a small light it is surprisingly bright! I can light up our fairly large living room(14′ wide, 22′ long) with little trouble. It will charge a cell phone be it iPhone, Android a camera, another vape device even…just make sure your e-CMP is fully charged first. The D-Flash..what the hell is that, I’m still trying to figure this little feature out…when I do I will be sure to let y’all know. Charging is straight forward takes a long time to charge from a dead device, or pretty near dead some where around 8-10 have a 6,000 mAh battery to charge and it is not a smart charger that is in the charging system. Once charged this is a beast! This is not my primary vape device, but it still gets a fair amount of use. I charged my device aproximately ten days ago and I am stillon the blue level. Even though I have charged this for up to 12 hours I have never seen the “white” light denoting 3.9-4.2 volts. My device usually stays right at the 3.7 volts range then goes down with use.
    How does it vape? Not bad, on par with my MVP I would say. About the same as any other device that has 3.5-4.2 voltage. Like a vision spinner only better, like the Innokin iTaste maybe. Over all not a bad device, for the price, I got mine 6-8 weeks ago straight from MJ Tech. before they changed their policies to not sell to individuals. I like the e-CMP for what it is, I recently bought an iStick and an ePower to replace my iTaste ver 3 that is dying and a brand new Vamo v5 that I bough from that for some reason they do not want to communicate with me over their piece of crap Vamo so I can return it for a new one or get a refund. Didn’t mean to go into it this far but just got a little carried away.

  • Amanda 10/12/2014

    Not being variable voltage or regulated.. instantly makes it a no-go (for me) .. tho it does look neat otherwise! Esp that long battery life! Check out “Epower-3” … lovvvvve this thing, esp. in white! 🙂 That & the iStick have become the 2 I grab for most lately.. along w/ another of eLeaf products, the iJust mini.. It’s so small & cute.. plus, I really dig the unique way to adjust the voltage. lol (Oh, & if they made this one different colors, I’d prob get it….. there’s a “T-max.. s80” on FT with a 5000mAh battery– But, idk, just can’t get over those checkerboards! LOL) Live longER & vape ON! 🙂

  • Mark Timblin 10/13/2014

    I agree, I bought mine, just because, wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Mine now has been relagated to back up duty, as is my e-LVT, which I really do like. It was last Thursday when my Eleaf iStick arrived…guess its supposed to be red but the site where I bought mine was out of Blue, White, all they had was Red, I needed a device, my brand new Vamo v5 is a non working device, it has to go back. My iTaste ver 3 VV/VW is dying, my Vision Spinner the one Ego type I used often no longer works. Last week and the week befote has been brutal on my vaping devices! Yep, got a red iStick, think I’m gonna put a strip of black rescue tape down both sides. This tape is really good for a multitude of every day home repairs, electrical cords, water hoses, I use it my amateur radio hobby for making sure my electrical connections are right and tight. A small strip down each side would make my iStick look sharp! This past Saturday day before yesterday in the mail my Epower arrived…a black one, these two new devices are yes; small, but deliver in power, they have been my constant companions for the past couple days!

  • Wayne Levin 10/21/2014

    Hey Nathan
    I picked up a Lavafire from Vaporbeast for under $14.00. It smokes nice with my Aspire Mini. It is built fine and works great. I bought 3 and gave out as gifts. They all were great. Nice feel and light to hold. For that price can’t beat it. Vape On Dude!


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