EClyp Omni 22 (Vape Clip) $10

EClyp Omni 22

Vape Clip for Tube & Box Mod

Here’s a cool new product called the EClyp Omni 22 also know as a vape clip. Right now they have them in stock in many colors at Vapor Kings for only $10 each.

If you want to clip you mod onto your pocket or belt instead of putting it in your pocket you need a EClyp Omni 22 vape clip. It’s a handy pocket clip that allows for you to clip your box mod or tube mod almost anywhere.  The Eclyp Omni 22 clips are 22mm’s in diameter and will fit flush on 22mm atomizers and tanks. Each vape clip is made from Kydex, a material used by the military that’s extremely durable.

The EClyp Omni 22 system comes with one vape clip, a 510 adapter, and spacer. Choose from red, blue, pink, purple, zombie green, and Tiffany blue.

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  • Joe 05/30/2015


  • Jim 05/30/2015

    I like the idea but worry about the stress it puts on the 510 connection.

  • Chris Vhfan 05/30/2015

    Heat a 6 x 3 inch strip of PVC and you can bend it and mold it into just about anything you like including clips , couldn’t be easier actually .

    Wear heat resistant gloves and have a spray bottle with cold water on hand , after you form it exactly like you want a quick shot of cold water will harden it instantly.

    Color it any color you want . Drill the top hole and attach .

    Thats if you actually give a damn , i don’t but some people will spend money on freaking anything , to each their own.


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