E-Cigarette Holder Mod Stand – $3.68 CHINA

eCig Stand Mod Holder

eCigarette Holder / Stand

eCig Mod Holder

They have a cool new aluminum e-cigarette mod holder over at Fasttech, it costs $3.68 and hold eCig mods up to 28mm wide.

You can also get a smaller plastic version that holds e-cigarettes up to 23mm wide. I bought a few of these while ago and put one in my car and on my night stand. The only problem is the plastic broke on one and since it’s only 23mm wide some of my mods are too big to fit.

Both the mod stands have 3M double sided tape on the back so you can stick them anywhere. I stuck one inside my car and it’s a perfect holder to prevent my ecig from rolling around everywhere.

This new holder is made of aluminum and can hold ecigs up to 28mm’s wide, that solves both the problems I had.

28mm Holder

23mm Holder


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