Dr. Juice Vapor Liquid Review

Dr. Juice E-Liquid Review

Dr. Juice Vapor Liquid is a premium e-liquid company that was formed two years ago in 2013 by two best friends and avid vapers. The Dr. Juice Vapor Liquid Platinum line of e-liquids are formulated, produced, and distributed from a state of the art facility located in Pittsburgh, PA. The Dr. Juice Vapor Liquids are also currently featured in 19 Brick and Mortar Vape Shops throughout the East Coast of the United States.

In an effort to expand their customer base and brand exposure on a nationwide level, on January 5, 2015 drjuicevaporliquid.com online retail site was launched featuring all 6 of their premium Platinum line of e-liquid flavors, as well as 5 different Holiday themed Limited Edition flavors.

The Platinum line of e-liquids are available in 15, 30, and 120ml bottle sizes, O-18mg nic strength, with PG/VG ratios of 40/60 and Max VG, and retail for $10 – 60.00 USD per bottle depending on size. The Limited Edition flavors are available in 30 and 120ml bottle sizes, 3mg Max VG or 12mg 40/60 PG to VG ratios, and retail for $20.00 for the 30ml size, and $60.00 for the 120ml size. Both the Platinum and Limited Edition lines are bottled in glass dropper bottles.

Dr. Juice Vapor Liquids was kind enough to send me all 6 flavors from their premium Platinum line (12mg/MaxVG), and 2 of the flavors from their Limited Edition collection (12mg/40/60) for the purpose of this e-liquid review. The Platinum Line features a black branded label which includes the flavor name, nicotine strength, PG/VG ratio, and an expiration date, while the Limited Edition flavors feature a white label.

Dr. Juice Vapor Liquids has also provided our viewers with a discount coupon good for 15% off your order when you use code “vapingcheap15” at checkout. www.drjuicevaporliquid.com.

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Dr. Juice Boston George

Atomizer used: 454 Big Block RDA/.6 ohms

Boston George is described as a vanilla custard and cinnamon churro flavor. At the time that I was actually tasting/vaping all of the flavor sent to me for review, unfortunately the Dr. Juice website was under construction and I could not view any of the flavor descriptions. Fresh out of the bottle I was very intrigued by this flavor. Initially I was impressed by the rich, smooth and creamy texture of the mouth feel and the vapor production. While the sweet and creamy custard base flavor was apparent, initially I could not place the other flavor element.

After approximately a 3 day of steep this flavor had really developed in sweetness, and the custard aspect became more thick and rich in texture. I found myself chain vaping Boston George because a) it tasted very good, and b) I was completely drawn in by the “other” element of this flavor. Based on the name Boston George, and this other flavor element that played sweet, yet had a slightly dry finish to it, I had decided that Boston George was a Boston crème pie flavor, and that the mystery flavor was dark chocolate icing … and I had really believed this.

You say cinnamon churro, I say dark chocolate, whatever … I vaped the bottle empty within 2 days after allowing it to steep.

Flavor: 8/10
Throat hit: 8/10
Vapor production: 10/10


Dr. Juice Crunchberry

Atomizer used: GP Heron RTA/1.2 ohms

Crunchberry is described as a homage to one of the best cereals ever made, which of course is Captain Crunchberries. Out of all the flavors that I received, I was probably the most excited to try this one. When I opened the bottle I could clearly smell the crunchberries, although the first vape out of the bottle the crunchberry flavor was more subtle than it smelled. Off to steep it went.

After about 5 days of steeping the Crunchberry had developed into a full bodied flavor, yet it was still smooth and rounded with the perfect amount of sweetness. The creamy/milky aspect is present in smell, and on the exhale but is not as full as the Crunchberry flavor itself. Overall I feel this take on Captain Crunchberry cereal is very well done, and I could easily see this being an ADV for those who favor this iconic cereal flavor.

Flavor: 9/10
Throat hit: 8/10
Vapor production: 10/10


Dr. Juice Scarlet Eclispe

Atomizer used: Kayfun V4/1.2 ohms

Scarlet Eclipse is described as ripe strawberry followed by cool refreshing lemonade. This e-liquid flavor has such an intoxicatingly fresh, sweet lemony smell to it. It smells like it is going to be good. And it is however, the way the flavor is described gives the impression that this is primarily a strawberry flavor with lemonade and that is not how it smells or tastes to me.

For me this is very much a lemonade flavor that is merely sweetened, and finished by ripe strawberry. The flavor itself is a full, clear and refreshing lemonade with only a hint of strawberry on the exhale. I enjoy a good lemonade vape, especially in the Spring and Summer months and this one is quite good. The lemonade has a mild,zesty tartness that is not overdone, and I find to be well blended. Being that strawberry is the first flavor used to describe this flavor, I have to criticize the lack of strawberry that I detect.

That being said, I still find this to be a very good and tasty lemonade flavor, and I absolutely love the way that it smells.

Flavor: 9/10 (although the strawberry flavor is lacking for me, this juice is otherwise too good for me to rate it lower)
Throat hit: 7/10
Vapor production: 10/10


Dr. Juice Headless Horseman

Atomizer used: Mephisto V1 RDA/1.00 ohms

Headless horseman is described as smooth pumpkin custard infused with sugar cookie and cream, and a hint of graham cracker crust. Man this sounds good! I really like a good pumpkin pie with lots of cream, sugar, and spice. And I really wished that this e-liquid description fulfilled its promise however, for me this is a NO.

When I first opened the bottle the scent of Pumpkin is absolutely present, and very in your face. The flavor itself is pure, fresh cut pumpkin … that’s all. I could not taste any custard, sugar cookie, cream nor graham cracker. The one good thing I can say about the pumpkin flavor is that is does not taste artificial or fake at all. In fact it tastes as though they cut open a pumpkin and scooped the flesh out and squeezed it directly into a bottle of vegetable glycerin.

Even after a couple of months of steeping, pure pumpkin is still what I get from this liquid, and if you like pure pumpkin flavor then you will like this. Me, I need my pumpkin with a heavy hand of cream, sugar, and cinnamon, so this flavor is a no go for me.

Flavor: 5/10
Throat hit: 7/10
Vapor production: 8/10


Dr. Juice Delish

Atomizer used: 454 Big Block RDA/.6 ohms

Delish is described as a mixture of sugar cookies, cookies and cream, and a hint of custard. Based on my initial smell test of this e-liquid, it didn’t really smell like a cookie juice to me. Fresh out of the bottle it had a really interesting dessert-ish flavor, but is this cookie? Hmmm .. I’ll keep vaping.

I vaped about half of this bottle straight away because it was so smooth, tasty, and different .. but again, is this cookie? I wasn’t sure, but I was enjoying it. I left the rest of the bottle to steep for about 3 days and came back to it. Now I could taste the cookies and cream aspect more clearly, along with the hint of custard, but I couldn’t really pick up on the sugar cookie. What I liked about Delish is that it didn’t taste like any cookie flavored e-liquid that I have had before it .. and also the fact that it is delish.

I enjoyed this sweet, creamy cookies and creams juice, which is a little more than just a cookie flavor to me. I like this one a lot, and it would be an easy ADV for me.

Flavor: 9/10
Throat hit: 8/10
Vapor production: 10/10


Dr. Juice Phantom Disco

Atomizer used: Mephisto V1 RDA/1.00 ohms

Phantom Disco is described as strawberry, watermelon, nectarine, and guava flavor. This is a very, very fragrant e-liquid, and initially I could not really make out the individual fruit flavors based on smell. My first vape of this juice was intriguing yet overwhelming at the same time because the fragrant smell also translated into the taste. Off to steep it went.

Just as it was with Boston George, because Dr.Juice’s website was not live when I was initially trying this e-liquid, I had no idea which fruits this flavor was comprised of. I let this steep for about a week and tried it again with basically the same result, intriguing yet too fragrant, almost florally to me. After a two month steep I can definitely taste what I now know to be nectarine and guava, and these are the dominant flavors in my opinion as I cannot find strawberry or watermelon anywhere in this juice.

For me the fragrant and floral tone is too much, and I cannot vape more than a few puffs of this liquid. It is not a nasty juice, it is just too much for me.

Flavor: 5/10
Throat hit: 6/10
Vapor production: 10/10


Dr. Juice Enigma

Atomizer used: Rose V2 RTA/1.2 ohms

Enigma is described as Grandma’s apple pie with a twist of cinnamon churro and a drizzle of caramel. I am not going to waste too much time with describing my experience with this flavor. Grandma’s apple pie: check, twist of cinnamon churro: check, drizzle of caramel: check. It was all there, it was all good, and I vaped all 30mls of this eliquid in about 5 days. No steep, no wait, just vape … SCORE!

Flavor: 10/10
Throat hit: 9/10
Vapor production: 8/10


Dr. Juice Doctor Custard

Atomizer used: Aqua V2 RTA/.7 ohms

Doctor Custard is described as a thick, full bodied vanilla custard flavor. I have to preface the following by saying that until I tried Doctor Custard, I HATED custard vapes, and wanted nothing to do with them. In fact, I purposely tried this flavor last due to the assumption that I would most likely hate this e-liquid as well. Oh boy was I wrong, like really wrong. Doctor Custard has completely changed my perspective on custard flavored juices.

Before Doctor Custard I had only tried Suicide Bunny’s O.B, and Jimmy the Juiceman’s Crème Brulee, and they both reminded me of, for lack of a less gross term, vomit. They were so thick, and oddly void of any depth of a recognizable flavor that vomit is the only word I could up with to describe my impression of them. Doctor Custard on the other hand has been a complete game changer for me. I was utterly blown away that I didn’t just like this flavor, I loved it. I could not believe that “I” loved a custard juice.

The flavor description is smack on, it is a thick, full bodied vanilla custard. Unlike the other custards I have tried, Doctor Custard has a true, rich, deep and creamy vanilla flavor. This juice is sweet and creamy, and just plain ole good. This was so good to me that I was mad when my little 15ml bottle was empty. From here on out Doctor Custard will remain a benchmark for what a good vanilla custard e-liquid should taste like, at least for me.

Flavor: 10/10
Throat hit: 8/10
Vapor production: 10/10


The following is a true story … Dr. Juice Vapor Liquids has genuinely caused to me to think deeply about what it is that really constitutes a Premium e-juice. Until I tried Dr. Juice, there was literally only one e-liquid flavor that I would bother to purchase and re-purchase on occasion, and that was MBV’s Gwar German Chocolate Beefcake. Beyond that, I wasn’t impressed enough by the vendor e-liquids I have tried to permanently move away from DIY, which I have been doing for the last 4 years. However, Dr. Juice has sparked my interest in true premium vendor made e-liquids.

I have realized that it is not fancy labels, funny names, boutique packaging, or USA made ingredients that truly makes an e-liquid “Premium”. What it is that constitutes a bona fide Premium e-liquid is SKILL, and CRAFTSMANSHIP. You can have the finest, and most expensive ingredients known to man, but if you don’t have a skilled hand in mixing, and an instinct for masterfully combining those ingredients, then you don’t have a Premium juice. I don’t care how fancy or unique the packaging is, how much confetti you throw inside a wood box, or how high you price your juice. Premium juice is defined by skill alone.

Out of the 8 flavors that I was sent for this e-liquid review, I was really pleased by 6 of them, and genuinely impressed by at least 4. There is a true sense of quality, and a skill in mixing in the Dr. Juice Vapor Liquids, even as I didn’t love 100% of them. Dr. Juice has skills, and I hope that they continue to hone and perfect those skills, and never lose touch with what it is that really makes an e-liquid Premium.

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Nicole Lea is a committed vape gear enthusiast of 3 years, who is dedicated to informing, educating, and guiding the vape community in this amazing world of electronic cigarettes.

  • Dave Gozal 02/09/2015

    Thank you for this review Nicole. Considering the limited selection on offer thus far from this young company I note that their range of juices are heavily weighted towards dessert-ness and custardy flavors; which suits my vaping preferences just fine.

    Now if I can just get my hands on 120ml of that Dr Custard down here in Saint Maarten-most likely not:(

      • Dave Gozal 02/10/2015

        I am not a name dropper Nicole but it is good to know you have some pull haha… I will order from them though and have a friend bring it as I prefer not to have it over shaken or steeped for months in the tropical heat whilst in transit via Miami, Porto Rico and god knows where else. Let me know if you head this way yourself sometime so I can give you my shopping list..lol

        • Dr. Juice 02/11/2015

          Dave, You’ll be happy to know that Dr. Juice’s website is up and running and shipping all over! Head to Drjuicevaporliquid.com to check out the flavors! Here’s the direct link to Dr. Custard – http://www.drjuicevaporliquid.com/store/doctorcustard.php

          Thanks – Enjoy!

          • Dave Gozal 02/15/2015

            Hey Dr Juice! Thanks for letting me know that you can ship to St Martin, however, when I tried to order and ship direct your website informed me that the shipping calculation (weight) could not be done!! I will ship to a US address and have a friend bring it down for me.

          • Nathan 02/15/2015

            I’m not sure if DR. Juice will see this comment but thanks for leaving one!

          • Dave Gozal 02/15/2015

            Ok, that didn’t work out either. i’m back to square one and waiting for Nikki to take a vacation! 🙂
            Looking like I won’t get to taste the juices just yet. I’ll wait to hear from Dr Juice,, Strange, I never had issues ordering before from other vendors..kept getting error codes!!

  • Paul (Nailz) 02/09/2015

    Great seeing you doing juice reviews now, I’m always looking for new juice, and I am trusting your taste buds on what I will like 😉

    Didn’t mess around with sample bottles, went straight with 30mils of Delish and 30mils of Doctor Custard, with coupon and even got free shipping, was only $36 and change, good deal for 60mils of premium juice 🙂

    Hope to see more juice reviews coming, thank Nikki 🙂

  • Tiffany 02/10/2015

    Crunchberry has been my fave since I started vaping almost a year ago! I still have not found anything I like enough to wanna buy so atleast once a week if not twice I go buy a bottle of crunchberry! And no I do not ever get sick of it. I also was first intrigued with phantom disco but only in a tank. Which made me sad cuz once i staryed dripping and rebuilding, I couldn’t go back to a tank. Still searching for some form of another juice so I can have both my mods going to be able to alternate em when feeling like it. (I have a wooden box mod with a mephisto on mr.woody and recently just picked up an ipv 3 with a little boy on it)
    I honestly feel like one of Dr.Juice’s biggest die hard fans!

  • Cramer 02/10/2015

    Nice review. Got me anticipating trying some of these and looking forward to more juice reviews.

  • Seth 02/10/2015

    Good review .. I have been vaping Dr. Juice since its conception and can agree that they don’t just make all day vapes they make all year vapes .. crunchberry and doctor custard are both amazing. ps mix them together in a bottle and it will blow your mind. Dr. Juice not only makes great juice but they are very passionate about what they do and care about there customers. Their customer service from how they deal with vendors all the way down to how they treat individual vapors is the best i have ever seen.

  • Paul (Nailz) 02/14/2015

    I got my Dr Juice order today and I was amazed by what I got, I ordered 2 30mils bottles, and they sent me 2 120mils bottles, triple what I ordered.

    I got Doctor Custard which reminds me of a high priced custard I had before, it is very good, but think will get even better with steeping, as that is the norm for custards.

    Also got Delish, which is just that, and that one has already gone in a tank, gather as I got 120 mils, it will still get time to steep too 🙂

  • G-Weezy 02/17/2015

    Just ordered some juice from here Nikki. Thanks for the reviews.


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