Double Aspire Nautilus Giveaway!

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Win 1 of 2 Aspire Nautilus Prize Packages

This Winner Wednesday sweepstakes this week will actually be listed today (Thursday) because I was busy yesterday and forgot to list it. The sweepstakes is the Double Aspire Nautilus Giveaway where two winners will walk away with a brand new Aspire nautilus tank and a 5 pack of 1.6ohm coil-heads. Each prize has a retail value of $53.98, pretty sweet if you ask me.

Please make sure to spread the word of this sweepstakes in e-cigarette forums, groups, and social media so we can continue to offer you guys even better prizes, thanks!

(Giveaway entry box may not display on some mobile devices (like a iPhone))

Were also giving away 3 Brass Origin Mod’s in April to Vaping Cheap Deals Newsletter subscribers. Make sure to sign up for the Vaping Cheap Deals Newsletter for your chance to win. If your already a newsletter subscriber you don’t have to do anything.

Thanks for reading Vaping Cheap!

What each winner will get:

  1. A brand New Aspire Nautilus Tank with beauty ring and 2 coil heads.
  2. An extra 5 pack of 1.6 ohm coil-heads.

Winners will be notified by e-mail and have 48 hours to claim the prize. The sweepstakes will close on April 24th at 11pm PST. Winners will be drawn and notified within 48 hours of sweepstakes close. Winner must be living in the USA to win.

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  • Melissa 04/08/2014

    Glad I was able to enter this time, I tried last week to enter the contests on the same computer as well as another, even worked with the site admin, but NO DICE! This time, no probs, 4 entries even! Good luck everyone!

  • Jim 04/09/2014

    I’m entered, great mod.

  • Barbara 04/10/2014

    Hopefully entered. Have NEVER won anything though! LOL

  • Keith Flower 04/11/2014

    I would be happy to win just about anything. Again thank you very much for the chance. VAPE ON MY FRIENDS

  • Alvin. Brown 04/18/2014

    I had one the tank broke can`t find replacement glass nowhere. Bought two of the metal tank replacement they dont work would love to have another.

  • Vapin Martin 04/26/2014

    Damn, that’s twice I missed your Aspire Nautilus drawings! I’ve wondered about them, but the price on them…ehh…not sure. Just the thought of an entry would’ve made me feel awesome. That I had a chance. Oh well maybe next time. They sound cool. I’m only a few months old in the vaping world. Got a Joyetech C-twist and a Vision Spinner. With a Protank II with the adjustable flow valve. Not bad. Looking to grow in the world of vaping…want another tank (total of two) and heard awesome reviews about the Nautilus. But I started with and have a dedication to Kanger and think I’m gonna wait for the Aeroflow Mega to come out. If I could’ve won one of these, then awesome. Since i’m thinking 3 tanks, since i’m looking forward to purchasing an itaste MVP 2. Sorry for the book guys. But any helpful tips would be awesome! And FYI, I know there’s mixed reviews about Kanger tanks, but I had learned some tricks about them, like making sure the housing/stem is secure on each fill and taking care of flooding issues which are practically never now, and I take care of the thing, where I can’t really say anything bad about Kanger. Love their tanks, works like a charm. Oh, and I build my own coils w/ cotton. Not bad for a couple months newbie huh? Vape On!

    Personal fave e-juice brands: Mr. Good Vape, Virgin Vapors, and Alpha Vape/Omega Vape (Especially Heist & Mr Miyagi for Alpha, and Breeze for Omega) 🙂 cigs out, vape in

  • erin 05/06/2014

    this I’d like to try

  • Mike Morgan 05/07/2014

    Hey, I want to Thank You guy’s for picking me as one of the Nautilius Aspire BDC Sweepstakes winners! I am really surprised at how well I like the Nautilius, and at being picked as a winner. It produces great flavor and vapor for a tank that has a stock coil, and so far no leaks. It’s really Cool to win one of these giveaways, and it is really Cool when you win a prize that turns out to be something you like! Thanks and Thanks for having all the Great Giveaways. Mike

  • Angela Armstrong 05/10/2014

    I never win either maybe this time


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