Doge X RDA by Congrevape – $26.99 USA

Doge X RDA

Upgraded Mutation X Atomizer

Check out the new Doge X RDA a combination between the Competition Doge and the Mutation X RDA. Pick one up for only $26.99 with coupon code “VC10” for 10% off.

The Doge X RDA improves on the design of the Mutation X and Competition Doge by making the top three air-holes the smallest, the middle air-holes a bit bigger, and the bottom air-holes the largest. The position of the air-holes increases the swirling effect in the chamber creating amazing clouds.

The top cap has a built in wide bore mouthpiece and heat sink fins to help dissipate heat. It has the tri-post design with a solid copper center post going down to a copper 510 center pin. The inner barrel is now 20mm wide so you can use aftermarket drip caps and competition caps.

Coupon Code: VC10

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Doge X RDA Features:

  • Adjustable Airflow holes are now machined at different sizes from the top to the bottom to vary the air speed coming at the coil
  • This unique design future induce swirling effect, giving you a true vortex inside of the barrel
  • Entire inner barrel diameter is enlarged to 20mm to be able to use different popular drip caps including competition caps
  • 22 mm outside diameter so it will fit most of your device flush!
  • The Deck has no airflow restrictions
  • Negative Posts are milled to the base so you are getting the maximum conductivity and durability
  • Interchangeable components with many other popular 22mm Atomizers
  • Huge Post Holes to fit some of the thickest wires
  • Beautifully Engraved with all new Doge X Logo
  • Copper center pin and 510 pin are made of c110 lead free copper (Copper is Made In USA)
  • Thick screws for ease of build
  • Deep Juice Well
  • 3 Piece Design
  • Serialized for that personal touch
  • Comes with Competition Cap installed and is cloud chasing ready!
  • Designed In USA based upon Mutation X RDA (Credit to: Mutation X by Indulgence)

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  • I was debating between the Doge Comp and the Mutation. This atomizer fell from the sky and landed right in my lap and now I can’t stop staring at it. So buying this soon… Thanks for the post Nathan!


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