DNA40 Chip Clone (Temp Control) – $30.55 China

DNA40 Clone Chip Set

Chinese DNA40 Clone Chip-Set

The new Chinese DNA40 Clone chip-set is now available for purchase from Cigabuy for only $30.55 Plus shipping (.58 cents for me).

If you want an authentic DNA40 Chip by Evolv get one here for $60 bucks.

This DNA40 Clone is probably the same chip used in the new Vapor Fask V3 clone.  It features temperature control which is adjustable from 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit. To use the temperature control feature you still need to use Nickle Wire just like with the authentic Evolv DNA40 chip. The output wattage can be adjusted from 1 to 40 watts and can fire atomizers as low as .2 ohms with kanthal wire and .1 ohms with Nickle wire.

If you want to build a cheap mod with temperature control and a 40 watt output the Chinese clone is your best bet. if your building something more expensive you may want to purchase the authentic. I really need to get a guide for building mods on Vaping Cheap, If anyone wants to create a guide let me know.

Buy a DNA40 Chip Clone here

DNA40 Chip Clone Features:

  • DNA 40 40W Mod Chip
  • The chip WILL fire standard kanthal and nichrome coils down to .2 ohm Ω (with temperature control)
  • 16 amp continuous output, 23 amp pulse
  • Temperature limit range is 200°-600° Fahrenheit
  • To utilize temp limit, coils need to be wrapped using NICKLE WIRE aka ni200 down to .1 ohm Ω (nickel wire coils will be far lower resistance than kanthal / nichrome coils, these will take some getting used to)
  • Fits for DNA 40 40W Box Mod
  • Wattage adjustable from 1 to 40w

Nathan is the founder of VapingCheap.com and dedicated to finding the best vape deals online. In 2008 he had his first vape on a DSE-901 e-cigarette and has loved them ever since. He created Vaping Cheap to help current vapers save money and to help smokers make the switch to vaping.

  • john 02/01/2015

    Thanks Nathan, i’ll wait before a lot more feedback comes in on this one . I have received some great working chips from China and some not so great , it’s priced right though for temp control .

    It maybe worth tossing into a Hana clone box to see how it is . Of course there will be a lot of basher’s and anything other than authentic sucks but i have found that to be far from the case.

  • Alpine Brett 02/01/2015

    Does anyone have any experience with the quality of this or the vapor flask clone mentioned?? Needless to say I’m hesitant to pull the trigger on either of these…

  • Christopher Lange 03/27/2015

    All the DNA is is a arm processor controlling a buck transformer. Its a matter of if the software was written properly by the cloner. As long as the software was proper it will work as advertised. Only thing that upsets me is they sometimes copy the firmware change the wattage limit and forget to remove the evolve DNA boot screen.

    • Casey A 09/01/2015


      I hear you on the firmware boot-logo part of the clone operation. It’s one thing to understand and reproduce the hardware at a cost point. Car manufacturers have been doing it since their inception, but if Chevy copied a ford or even the opposite. They would at least put their own product badges on the vehicle. example: Chevy El Camino vs Ford Ranchero. On the plus side, if this does bother you there are software packages which will let you edit the logo, text and artwork that is embedded in the Evolv, YiHI and clone chips. You have to copy .bin firmware and edit in a hex suite but it can be done. If you are the kind of person to always customize your gear you could have some fun with this.




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