Wotofo Agleted Organic Cotton $3.45 (USA)

Wotofo Profile Cotton

For a limited time only, the Wotofo Agleted Organic Cotton is now on sale right here for only $3.45! No coupon code required. Free shipping applies to US order over $50.

The Wotofo Agleted Organic Cotton includes 10 pcs of cotton. In addition, these cotton can be used with any pre-built coils with a diameter of 6mm. Not to mention, the Wotofo Agleted Cotton is made with 100% organic cotton,

This specific cotton is perfect for the Wotofo Profile RDA, as there's plenty of cotton in each strip included. Lastly, the Wotofo Agleted Cotton has great absorption capability and comes with a carrying case to store the cotton!

All in all, this is a excellent deal for the Wotofo Agleted Organic Cotton. If you're new to building or looking for a easy way to fit cotton into the Profile RDA, then this is a deal definitely worth checking out, especially at this price point. You can check out this deal at Element Vape for only $3.45!

Product Features:

  • 10 Strips of Pre-cut Cotton
  • Fit 6mm Coils
  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Great Absorption Capability
  • Carry Case Included
Wotofo Agleted Organic Cotton $3.45 (USA)
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