Dark Horse RDA Clone – $9.19

Dark Horse RDA Clone

Dark Horse RDA Clone

Dripping Atomizer

New clone’s of the Dark Horse RDA in a variety of colors have arrived at Fasttech and there priced pretty low. Get the atomizer in any color for only $9.19, or get one with all 5 AFC rings for $13.00.

The original Dark Horse atomizer is made by Steam Angel Technology and is said to offer more airflow options than anything else on the market. The original is selling for $79.99.

The Dark Horse clone is a 1:1 copy of the original made manufactured by Winsmoke. It’s made from stainless steel with a gold plated airflow control ring that bears the flying horse logo. This RDA has three huge square posts with massive terminals large enough to fit a ton of wire through. The center post is gold plated and the 510 contact pin is made of copper for minimal voltage loss. It comes with a custom drip tip almost as wide as the device itself as well as an adapter so you can use normal 510 drip tips.

$9.19 RDA   $13 w/5 AFC Rings

 USA $17.99

Dark Horse Clone Features:

  • Removable 510 drip tip
  • The top cap lid is removable for easy access to the deck without removing the top cap
  • The lid also works as a heat insulator
  • 510 threading connector, adjustable copper 510 center pin
  • Tri-post design for single/dual coil build
  • 6 air control holes on the sleeve
  • Laser engravings logo
  • 22mm diameter
  • Height without drip tip: 34mm
  • Comes with a 2-in-1 top cap lid and drip tip combo

Original Dark Horse Features:

  • 22mm Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer
  • 16 Preset Airflow Options with Stock AFC Ring
  • 12 Dual Coil Configurations
  • 4 Single Coil Configurations
  • 3mm Stainless Steel Contact Screws
  • Gold Plated Flattened Positive Post Design to Prevent Spinning
  • Square Negative Posts Milled Into the Deck
  • 2.7mm Post Holes for Extreme Cloud Chasers
  • Adjustable Gold Plated Positive Contact Pin
  • Black Nylon Steam Angel MONSTER Drip Tip
  • Black Nylon Heat Resistant Adaptor and Steam Angel SWB (Super Wide Bore) SS Drip Tip
  • Superior Heat Resistant Nylon
  • Melting Point of Nylon: approx. 260°C or approx. 500°F
  • Melting Point of Delrin: approx. 175°C or approx. 347°F
  • Nylon offers smooth matte finish compared to shiny Delrin finish
  • Serialized & Authentic Made in USA
  • One Limited Year Product Warranty provided by Steam Angel Technology


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  • Edward Ornstein 09/24/2014

    It says USA but its Fasttech. I thought fasttech only ships from China.

    • Edward Ornstein 09/25/2014

      Thank you. I was hoping Fasttach had a US warehouse like some of the other Chinese vendors. I find Fasttech to be much more dependable than those other company’s.

  • cotedazur 01/13/2015

    so will this ship to the us?

  • Dannx 08/05/2015

    Does this item ship to the uk? Friend recommended this website, wondered what your policy is on shipping?


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