Cthulhu RTA Tank $17.99

Cthulhu RTA

Cthulhu Tank

I was just notified by Sam P. that you can now get the Cthulhu RTA Tank from from Gearbest for only $17.99 with free world-wide shipping.

The Cthulhu is a new rebuildable tank atomizer (RTA) packed with cool features like massive airflow holes and wicking channels. Its made from 304 stainless steel and has a Pyrex glass tank that can hold up to 4mls of e-juice. The Cthulhu RTA’s unique design allows for two different filling options, either fill it through the top or through the bottom screw fill hole.

The fully adjustable airflow system packs a ton of airflow with two 3mm wide air holes positioned below each coil and to ensure your wicks say wet it has four 2.5mm wide wicking channels. Other features of the Cthulhu RTA include and adjustable copper 510 center pin, a “T” style positive center post, and negative posts that are milled into the deck. This thing looks like it’s designed to be a cloud chasers RTA.

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Cthulhu RTA Features:

  • Medical grade 304 stainless steel
  • 4ml ejuice capacity
  • Adjustable air flow
  • Top/Bottom fill design
  • 2.5mm rounded juice channels
  • Negative posts milled into the deck
  • Airflow is designed to not touch the copper pin (no liquid makes contact with copper)
  • Adjustable 510 pin

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  • Chris Vhfan 04/15/2015

    Looks good Nathan but i can’t even keep my dang Orchid from leaking all over the place , man, what a freaking nightmare that thing is.

    Sitting vertical it’s fine but tip it on it’s side and your screwed , this one has gargantuan air holes by comparison so i’m thing no chance on this one .

    Keep in mind though that your dealing with someone who has the IQ equivalent of a carpet beetle when it comes to e cig hardware (actually carpet beetle has a slight edge) so thats got to be taken into consideration.

    Anyway looking forward to the reviews.

    • Munday 04/16/2015

      The Orchid is a piece of garbage, thats why it leaks. Theres a thin line between wicking it perfect, getting dry hits and leaking. Airholes have nothing to do with leaking. The delta ii is the best thing around thats also rebuildable. This one looks pretty nice though

  • natsukashii-ne 04/15/2015

    This tank is the absolute best thing to come out in a long time. It’s a Goblin, with all the issues fixed, and new improvements (TOP FILL! Thank Christ!). I’ve ordered 3 for myself lol.

    • Chris Temple 07/28/2015

      I’m curious if you’ve had any issues with the center post pivoting? Besides this issues, and the possible grounding issues that come along with it, this is definitely my tied favorite with the Goblin v2 (which I have three of haha)

  • bosbind 04/18/2015

    Got one on the way been playing with the subtank v2 rba deck and decides to go full blown rebuildable to get some better clouds looking forward to it!

  • FireSBurnsmuP 07/22/2015

    I want one of these so hard – it’s a mix of all the best features from all my favorite RTAs, but I do know that right when they came out they were having some serious QA issues, so I’ve been holding off.

    • FireSBurnsmuP 07/22/2015

      I should have mentioned, however, that the reviews, what few there are (3, not counting the suspiciously similar fourth one) on GearBest, don’t mention the bigger issues they had, like the center post spinning freely or DOAs, but I guess we’ll see.
      Plus, it’s a different story when you’re looking at QA problems for a $40 RTA versus an $18 RTA. I’m willing to deal with a lot more issues for $18, especially for an authentic device.
      It’ll be really hard for me /not/ to buy one of these. No matter how you look at it, it’s a straight upgrade from my shoddy Orchid clones. Larger juice channels with a 2-piece chimney to make wicking it easier, plus isolated airflow channels so if it does leak it doesn’t get all up in my 510.
      Plus ph’nglui mglw’nafh Cthulhu R’lyeh wgah’nagl fhtagn. Need I say more?

      PS: In case you’re wondering; the French review is alright. I’ll translate here for the convenience of those who don’t speak the language.
      Under “Pro:” they basically say that it has smaller working area than a Lemo, but they’re very happy with it and can’t wait to get a more powerful device to run it on with lower ohms. They also describe their 0.7ohm build.
      Under “Con:” they go on to say that they had trouble with one of the screws (I think they say that it worked once, but they couldn’t get it to thread in again after taking it out. Probably user error if that’s the case), and the drip-tip’s o-ring was broken on arrival.
      They were apparently vaping on it at the time of writing, vaping an aperatif flavor (lighter, goes well with a drink) just before a concert. I don’t know why that was in the Cons section, but oh well.


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