Beginner’s Guide To Cool Vape Tricks

Cool Vape Tricks

Ever seen one of those cool vape tricks videos? These wizards have taken the cool smoke tricks that started during the days when tobacco smoking reigned supreme, and have evolved them to the next level:

It'd be awesome to get featured in one of those, no? While I can't promise to turn you into an instant vape magician, I can set you on the path with an introduction to vaping tricks and an explanation of the gear and environment you'll need to pull them off. With practice and dedication, who knows? Maybe I'll see you at the next VC Cloud Championship!

Cool Vape Tricks: A Primer

Cool Vape Tricks

We'll start things off basic with the easy vape tricks. The Dragon was one of the first that I managed to pull off, so we'll make that our starting point. First thing you'll have to do is a big long puff.

Don't inhale. Once you've got a good amount of vapor going, blow it out through your nose a mouth slightly. It might burn a bit the first time you try it, but it shouldn't take long to perfect your technique.

Next, we'll tackle The Ghost Hit. You'll take a nice, long drag like before, then let the vapor settle in your mouth. Don't inhale yet. You'll then want to exhale everything from your mouth, forming a vape ball. Quickly inhale the vapor back into your mouth, and voila! It's like it was never there—a ghost.

Do you want to look like a poised, cool, vape aficionado? You'll want to add The French Inhale to your repertoire. First, you'll need to take a big hit, remembering not to inhale (a common theme with many tricks). Instead of exhaling, just let the vapor exit your mouth normally. As it comes out, breath in through your nose, and the vapor should travel upwards and back into your throat.

By this point, you're probably ready to learn how to blow a Smoke Ring. As before, take that big hit. This time, though, you will inhale, keeping the vapor in your throat. Keep your tongue flat, preferably towards the back of your throat. Create the "O" with your lips, stick them out, then release the vapor from your throat with a small sigh or a light cough. It'll take a few tries to get right, but once you get it, be ready to have to teach all your friends!

Got that smoke ring down to a science? Good. Now it's time to kick things up a notch with a few smoke ring tricks. Double Rings will be our first step here. Big inhale, then place a finger over your mouth to create to two sections. Blow your ring using the technique I previously described, and you should get two now instead of one.

Ready to get serious? Let's try the Atom Bomb. Go through the previous steps to create your ring, but this time just shoot out one. With the remaining vapor, create a second ring and try to get it right in the center of the first one. The Bull Ring relies on similar principles. Blow that mid-sized smoke ring, then inhale the top of the ring through your nose. It should look like you're ready to make a brazen charge towards a matador. Olé!

Now time to ascend to the level of vape mage. We'll begin with Vape Bending. With your hand cupped near your mouth, blow your ring. Guide it with your hand, giving the appearance that you have otherworldly control over the vapor itself. With some training, you'll be able to spin the ring around and launch it at your friends like a magic spell.

Once you tire of blowing simple rings, you can start transforming the shape. Blow your classic "O" shape ring, then use your hands to mold it into the shape of a Triangle. This requires deft hands and precision timing, but the result is well worth the investment of time needed to master this trick.

Our next set of cool vape tricks will require a few props. The Vape Bubble is a good place to start. Create a solution of bubble mix with soap and water. Then grab a spent toilet paper roll, and dip one end into the mix. Take a big hit, then blow it into the roll slowly. The soapy water will expand around the vapor, creating an impressive bubble. Practice this one to see how large you can make it.

To create a Vape Waterfall, you'll need a bottle with some frozen water. Just blow your vapors into the bottle, then slowly pour. The now chilled vapor will slowly cascade from the bottle, giving the appearance of an aetherial waterfall.

Our last trick for today is the Vape Tornado, the Vape-nado, as I like to call it. Get that toilet paper roll again. Then blow a nice long hit through the roll onto a smooth table. Chop down, karate style, then lift your arm with a quick flip of the wrist. The force creates a spiral, a mini-maelstrom crafted by your very hand.

Get The Right Setting And The Best Vape For Smoke Tricks

With all of these tricks, preparation is key. You'll need a room with stagnant air (no fans or AC). You'll need e-juice that's high in VG content. You'll also need a strong vape with sub-ohm capabilities. In my experience, the best vaporizers for smoke tricks are the powerful mods that produce mighty clouds of vapor. Personally speaking, like using my Reuleaux and cranking the wattage up high.


You should now be well on your way to stunning your friends with your smokey sorcery. Don't get discouraged if you don't nail any of these tricks right away; they take practice. It took me a full week of continuous training before I could even blow a tiny smoke ring. Now, I'm slinging rings around the room like a vape-powered battlemage.

Remember to equip yourself with the right tools for the job, take your time in following the steps, and don't be afraid to consult our post below if you need a visual aid to better grasp this arcane knowledge. Good luck on the path!

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