Color Subtank Mini/Nano O-Rings $1.56

Color Subtank Mini & Nano O-rings

Color O-Rings for Subtank Mini, Nano & Full

They now have Color Subtank O-rings at Fasttech for the Subtank Mini, Nano and full size Subtank. Grab sets of all 5 colors for only $1.56 with FREE shipping. You can also just buy a single set of Subtank o-rings for only $0.95 cents plus shipping from the USA.

These are replacement color o-rings for the Kanger Subtank, Subtank Mini, and Subtank Nano. The Subtank comes standard with red o-rings but now you can swap them out for other colors like black, blue, purple, or white o-rings. Each set comes with 3 silicon o-rings, the Fasttech deal includes a full set of each of the 5 colors.. Simply unscrew the top and bottom pieces of your SubTank to replace the standard red o-rings with the new color of your choice.

Full Size Subtank o-rings   Subtank Mini o-rings   Subtank Nano o-rings

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Single Subtank O-Ring set $0.95

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  • All they have is white…damn, how could all the colors be gone so quick

  • Max 02/27/2015

    Only white left now, sweet deal

  • greg 02/27/2015

    Great idea but how about metal tubes for mini nano and subtank. I love my mini but miss having an all metal durable tank like my mega tank please let me know if anyone starts making/selling these!!

  • William Jones 02/27/2015

    Found rings for the mini subtank here:
    But they are $3.99

  • Chelle Killilea 02/27/2015

    Why did this vendor split the packages? Kanger is selling them to vendors in a package of all 4 colors to be sold that way. Kanger’s intentions were/are for the consumer to purchase the little box with all four colors, to be split up, they made that clear in the product announcement on Facebook.

  • Croak 02/27/2015

    $2.50 to ship an envelope with $0.95 of rubber inside. Pass.

  • Jeff 03/18/2015

    The link to fasttech for the set of 5 is for the kanger sub tank mini not the full size.

  • Jeff 03/18/2015

    As I pointed out in my first post, the link lead to the kanger sub tank mini o-rings. However, fasttech does offer the o-rings for the full size sub tank:

    50 pieces-10 of each color for $7.62

    or single colors in sets of 10 (black,,sky blue and white) for $1.93

    The link for the single sets is for “red” but on the right side of the page, you can click the drop-down to choose the other colors.

  • Kitty Estes 03/18/2015

    Thank You I was literally on there last night and did not see these and was thinking Jeez why does fast tech have everything but not these bought x12 woot woot


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