Colonial Mod Clone – $13.93+

Colonial Mod Clone

Colonial Mod Clone

Mechanical Mod

There are now a few different versions of the Colonial Mod Clone avaliable from Chinese suppliers. The cheapest one is a black version for only $13.93 at FT, they also have a copper version for $18.39 and a more expensive black version. You can also get one in black or army green for only $21.46 at Focal with coupon code “FCVAPINGCHEAP” for 10% off.

The original Colonial Mod was made by Mad Industries, the creators of the Penny Mod. In many ways the Colonial is similar to the penny with a few important differences. I applaud Mad Industries because the original version is actually very reasonably priced,  I posted a deal for it here for $115 bucks.

For one the Colonial Mechanical mod is made from lightweight aluminum. The second and most important difference is the unique concave firing switch. Not only is the switch concave it’s also recessed into the mod giving it a nice smooth and rounded feeling. The recessed switch also eliminates the need for a locking ring. It’s important to note that the switch on this mod is actually integrated into the tube so there is no separate switch assembly, you must insert you batteries through the top of the mod.


Black/Copper $13.93/$18.39

Matte Black $21  Matte Army Green $21

NOTE: There are no vent holes in this mod.

Colonial Clone Features:

  • Made from Aluminum
  • Magnetic Concave Firing Switch
  • Engraved Logo
  • Copper Battery Contacts
  • Dual Adjustable Copper 510 center pin and Battery contact
  • 510 Threaded Connection
  • Measures 23mm wide by 101mm tall
  • Available in Matte Black and Matte Army Green

The above video by Twisted420 compares the original Colonial Mod by Mad Industries to a clone of the Colonial. I’m not sure if the clone in this deal is the same version he has in the video but it’s still a great video. He really describes how amazing the switch on this mod is.

Copper Colonial Mod

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  • jonny fuznutz 10/09/2014

    the clone listed doesnt have a vent hole drilled behind the button. so it could pipebomb if your battery vents

    • Vulldamp 06/07/2017

      The button acts like a vent hole. Just set your positive battery pole to the bottom.

  • Jimmirehman 10/27/2014

    Where would one drill the vent hole?

  • Tommy 03/07/2015

    I have the Tobeco version and it works perfectly right out the box but has no vent hole. I’ll probably just add one on the drill press. For 16 bucks Im happy with it.


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