Coil Wrapping Tool – $3.27 China

Coil Wrapping Tool Jig

Coil Wrapping Jig, Like Kuro Koiler

Here’s another new coil wrapping tool now available at Fasttech. Get one coil tool for $3.27 or a pack of 5 different colors for $12.72 with coupon code “XMAS15”.

This coil wrapping tool is very similar to the Kuro Koiler and the Coil Master but this coil jig comes with 3 different sized posts that store inside the handle. This coil wrapping jig comes with a 3.0mm, 2.5mm, and 2.0mm post to wrap coils in three different sizes. Like other coil jigs of this style it has two positions for the guide screw, this allows you to wrap coils with a variety of different wire gauges.

The handle is made of lightweight aluminium and the posts and screws are made from stainless steel. All three posts attach to a base that screws into the handle for safe keeping. The coil wrapping tool also comes with a 3-in-1 screwdriver key chain, there actually quite useful. Choose from black, silver, blue, red, and purple or get a pack that includes one of each color.

NOTE: They are called “Kuro Koiler Wire Coiling Tool + 3-in-1 Screwdriver Kit” on Fasttech.

Coupon Code: XMAS14

Buy a Coil Wrapping Tool here

Wrapping Tool Features:

  • Made from aluminium and Stainless Steel
  • Three Rod Sizes: 2.0mm + 2.5mm + 3.0mm
  • With this little tool you can build perfect coils every single time with just a twist of your wrist
  • Comes with a 3-in-1 screwdriver Key chain (slotted + Phillips + hex key)
  • Measures: 85mm x 14mm


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