Cloupor T8 Mod 150w – $82.95 USA

Cloupor T8 Box Mod

150 Watt Box Mod

Here’s a great deal on the Cloupor T8 mod! Get one in either silver, black, blue, or red for only $82.95 with FREE shipping included.

The Cloupor T8 Mod can output from 7 – 150 watts or 5.6 to 14 volts but they say that the T8 has upgradable firmware so it can be upgraded to a 200 watt output. The T8 is made from aluminum and it needs a lot of power so it requires two 18650 batteries. For more info on this mod checkout out the Cloupor T8 article I posted a the other day.

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Cloupor T8 Features:

  • Output power: 7~150watt.(For 200Watt firmware upgraded on 16th Sept, go to
  • Resistance: 0.2~4Ω.
  • Dual 18650 re-moveable Battery.
  • OLED screen.
  • 510 thread.
  • Magnetic back cover
  • Size: 99x55x25mm.

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  • Helen baker 09/04/2014

    You always give a complete review I love all the information thank you for all the great reviews

  • RJ 09/04/2014

    Isn’t Elev8vape the same place that completely screwed up the IPV V2 preorders, lost their customers the warranty on the ones they actually delivered and got banned by Pioneer4you?

  • taz2041 09/04/2014

    RJ. Elev8vapes warranty for the IPV2 does apply. What your refeing to was a fabricated story from one of there competitors. His original tag was “fastech” on the ecig forum but after he was called out he changed his name and fabricated the Elev8 story he even went as far as fabricating an “interview” with someone from Pioneer 4 You. They never had an issue with P4U and a rep came forward and stated the All IPV’s sold by Elev8 will be warrantied. And they will be getting the IPV3 soon. Elev8 is an excellent company to deal with and keeps you updated on orders more than any other place that Ive made a “pre-sale” purchase. Again , the whole “mess” about Elev8 was fabricated by one of there childish competitors who didn’t like the fact that Elev8 was able to place such a large order of IPV2’s therefore beating everyone elses price by a huge margin. You can find out more about the BS this particular person stirred up on ECF.


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