Cloupor Mini 30w Box Mod – $36.36 China

Cloupor Mini Vape Mod

Mini 30 Watt Box Mod

You can now get a Cloupor Mini from Fasttech for only $36.36 with FREE shipping included. I also have a few US based vendor deals posted starting at $43.99 with free shipping.

The Cloupor Mini is the latest box mod from Cloupor. It has a variable wattage output from 7.0 to 30.0 watts in 0.1 watt increments and can power atomizers as low as 0.45ohms. That’s a pretty big deal because most mini box mods can only handle atomizers 1ohm or higher. The device is powered by a single 18650 battery but it’s still a very small and compact mod.

I’ve had my Cloupor Mini from GearBest few weeks now and I have been using it non-stop. It’s really small for a 18650 mod and can fire sub-ohm coils! This is a great device for under $40 bucks. For more information on this device read our recent Cloupor Mini article.

 Cloupor Mini $36.36 China

 $43.99 USA   $45.98 USA

Cloupor Mini Features:

  • Size: 77.5mm*36mm*22mm
  • Output power: 7W-30W
  • Removable 18650 battery
  • Output voltage : 3.6V—7.0V
  • VV/VW Mode can be switched manually
  • Optional Left & Right Mode
  • Can build on 0.45-3.0 ohm atomizer
  • Adjustable 510 Pin
  • Ohms reading calculats to 0.01ohm
  • Reverse battery protection , no worry about installing battery improperly
  • Pass Through (can vape while charging)
  • Magnet back cover,no need to use screwdriver,more convenient
  • Instead of screen lock, It can be turned off
  • Can be charged through USB port
  • Over charge protection
  • Colors: Black,Silver

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  • greg 12/18/2014

    Link now shows 36.99

  • nathalie 12/18/2014

    yes !!!! thank you nathan !!! i have order 2 fore a super price ! ower coverment into holland wil stop the e-cig , only the fake sigarets and no more than 2ml for the clearomizers and no more rda , rba , mods only simpel things. and only 10ml liquid. the are crazy !! now i have a spare mods only now i need a couple of rba. this wil be going to start from 1 February 2015.

    • Chris 12/19/2014

      Nathalie, Are you saying that Holland is banning all forms of Vaping??? If that is the case maybe I need to research their reasoning. Because smoking cigarettes’ would be banned before Vaping, correct?

  • Erik 12/18/2014

    Gearbest has some pretty awful reviews at Resellerratings…have you had experience with them Nathan?

    • TAZ 12/19/2014

      I was considering this and never heard of Gearbest so I decided to do a google search first. I found nothing but terrible reviews and a TON of them. I decided to pass.

  • Chris 12/19/2014

    The coupon code still works. You have to option to order directly from China. Then make sure to register/sign in, then apply “clouporminixr” on promo code at checkout. That brings the $36 down to $29. Mine discounted $12 because I ordered two. So, 2 Black Mini Cloupors and the total came to $59.98 (Plus Free Shipping with the normal two-three week wait as usual). I have not seen any deals like this anywhere else. Note: I also read on the order that they have a 45 day money back guarantee and 360 day repair guarantee. That is a deal I can’t pass up. I don’t mind waiting on the order considering I already use 2 I-Taste VV which I also ordered directly from China for $27 each through EBay. I will advise if any problems occur. I hope that clears up some confusion.
    Chris (Augusta GA)

  • nathalie 12/19/2014

    hello chris , yes thats happens at 01-02-2015 but i never want to smoke again so i whill buy a couple things at cheap as possible. here into holland everything is expensive. we are busy to get demonstrate to the government. we al no its a money problem. they loos a lot of tax at the tabaco industry.

  • Tashi Pahnthey 12/20/2014

    Which do you think is a more reliable company, IPV or Cloupor? Would you recommend the cloupor 30w or the IPV 30W.

    • wildwildwest 02/17/2015

      Owning both, I would definitely, without a doubt recommend the IVP Mini 2 over the Cloupor Mini. I like the Cloupor, but it is very wonky. (Fires when it wants to, sometimes just cycles on/off) Both have a well-built feel, but I think the IVP is more solid electronically.

  • Tony 12/21/2014

    Thanks Nathan for your warning post. I prefer using the xmas14 coupon code rather than the other one.. imho

    • James N. 12/22/2014

      Goodcall Tony, I have Ordered with Fasttech for a Year Now with Over a Dozen Orders and have 100% Trust with them. I opted to Pay the $34.54 From FT as Well. Seems like a No-Brainer to Pay the Extra $4-5 to have 100% Certainty I WiLL Get My Mod and Within a Decent Amount of Time w/ The Free USPS Ugrade. Of course that depends when the Manafacturer Actually Gets the Items to Fasttech.. So I just Hope there’s No Delay Because of Demand. I Placed My Order with FT within an Hour of them Posting It at 5:30AM EST, So Maybe since I was an early order I will be Higher on the Order List 🙂 Anyway I’m Excited to Get It and Hope there aren’t Problems like what other people talk about with the Hana’s and t5/t8’s. Although I’m sure even those were Exagerated Greatly..

  • OScar 01/01/2015

    Thanks for the code, Nathan! Bought black one from GearBest.
    Actually I have had no issues with this shop, it’s one of my favorite 🙂

  • ifjsdf 01/23/2015

    code not working anymore

  • Jim B 01/24/2015

    Dont order this from Fasttech. They dont have them, I ordered mine on 12/24/2014 and it still says restocking. I contacted the customer support and they keep changing the date it will be shipped, first it was 8-12 days, when that passed they said an additional 10-20 days. Buy it elsewhere, and dont buy things from Fasttech.

  • Sub-lime 01/29/2015

    I just ordered from GearBest. Got a Cloupor Mini and Aspire Atlantis for $43.71 shipped. I have read mixed reviews about GearBest, they do seem to be legit, slow, maybe more slow than FastTech (which would be horrible). FastTech is a legit site to buy from though if you don’t want to take the risk. I have placed over 15 orders with FastTech, takes anywhere from 2-6 weeks.
    I hope GearBest can deliver similar results, because $43.71 for a mini 30 watt box and an Atlantis? I couldn’t find a Cloupor in the US for $45…

  • Andromeda! 01/31/2015

    Got mine from FT for $36.36, and it is good quality well presented and packaged solid tiny box and functioning brilliantly without any problems for the last few weeks. Superseded all my expectations. Very impressed with it.

  • Mike busack 02/05/2015

    I was going to buy a cloupor until I read reviews of them catching fire!

  • Art 02/06/2015

    Mine died 3 days after i got it from Gearbest, they have offered a 9 dollar refund, never again Cloupor,neveer again Gearbest

    • wildwildwest 02/11/2015 wants me to pay $20 or $25 for a replacement. Mine lasted a little longer, about 3 weeks. I agree, never again from (See my post below)

  • Paul 02/07/2015

    I’ve ordered quite a bit from these guys And YES THEIR customer service sucks ass but you can’t beat their prices. Oh yeah, I don’t think I’ve ever received anything in under a month. So dont expect to receive your order any time soon.Good luck to u all and “Vape On”

  • wildwildwest 02/11/2015

    I purchased the Cloupor Mini from, and it stopped working after about 3 (THREE!) weeks. I submitted a warranty request to them, and this is the response I received from them: (basically, I have to pay an additional $20 or $25 to actually have a Cloupor Mini that actually works). And I quote:

    “Thank you for your message. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience that had been caused.
    As we are unable to confirm the problem without checking it.
    Please note that our company policy provides several options to resolve this situation:
    1. You can have the item repaired at a local outlet, for which we can reimburse 20USD to you as compensation.
    2. The item(s) can be sent back to us and exchanged for a brand new equivalent product.
    3.If the shipping cost for return it too much,you can just pay 25usd,we are willing to reship a new one to you.
    If there are any additional problems or further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.
    Best Regards

    Not happy with Any advice or suggestions from anyone will be greatly appreciated.

      • wildwildwest 02/12/2015

        Okay, so it seems my biggest issue with their alternatives is the shipping/waiting time. I waited quite a while for the Mini, and now I have to wait an even longer time. Time is money…. then again, you can NOT save money by buying local, but if it comes time for a fix, you have to wait.

          • wildwildwest 02/12/2015

            I’m a long time Amazon Prime junkie; I think I expected them to do what Amazon does; send out a new one, and give me 30 days to return the broken one. (If Amazon doesn’t receive the defective item within 30 days, they charge your account for the new one)

  • ifjsdf 02/12/2015

    gearbest is now $43… why the price hike

  • wildwildwest 02/13/2015

    Nathan, I don’t know where you got that “sound byte” from, but Amazon’s financials are far, far more complicated than a mom’n’pop corner grocery store. Read more here: .

      • wildwildwest 02/13/2015

        If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were trying to piss off your customers. (lol) No, it’s not “wrong” to say that, it’s just not quite factual. And by the way, Cloupor refuses to send me a new Cloupor Mini, they would rather just refund the money. No debate. I don’t understand their way of thinking, unless they just don’t want to do business with me. Or something. With as much bad publicity they have received lately, you would think they would be in better control of their image. It certainly leaves a bad taste in my mouth; I don’t want to do business with them anymore either. Off to find an IPV Mini. Wish me luck!

  • Chris 02/14/2015

    I’ve never purchased from GearBest simply because of their lousy rep. However, I’ve been buying from FT for nearly 2 years and, so far, I’ve yet to be disappointed by their Customer Service and return policies. In the U.S., FT has a return depot in Florida which really makes the process easier and faster. Of course, there are some hoops to jump, which usually involves pics (sometimes video) of the product problem. But, once you receive an RMA, you decide on either product replacement or a credit, and then ship the item to the return depot. FT even credits back the return shipping cost. Considering you’re dealing with a Chinese company half a world away, this is about as quick and simple as it can get. Look, I would prefer never to buy from China, but with a fixed income I have to buy on the cheap – or stop vaping, which will never happen!

  • Chris 02/14/2015

    Just found the Cloupor Mini (silver) for $34.99 at AngelCigs (directly ships from USA). At 280g, shipping cost should be about $7, for a total of $41.99.

  • Edward Smith 03/07/2015

    Just got mine from Gearbest yesterday, one month after I ordered it. It caught on fire today. They are refunding $32 of the $42 that I originally paid.

  • chris 04/14/2015

    so what battery does everyone recommend i use in the cloupor mini


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