Cloud Nurdz E-Liquid Sale! 100ml $9.34

Cloud Nurdz E-Liquid Sale 100ml update

For a limited time only, the Cloud Nurdz E-Liquid line is now on sale right here where you can get a 100ml bottle for only $9.34 using coupon code "SAS15"!

During the Cloud Nurdz E-Liquid Sale, you can get a 100ml bottle for only $9.34 using the provided coupon code. The Cloud Nurdz E-Liquid line consist of 5 different flavors which are Grape Apple, Grape strawberry, Strawberry Lemon, Watermelon Apple and Peach Blue Razz.

In addition, each of these flavors come in a 100ml Chubby Gorilla Bottle and has a 70VG/30PG. The nicotine strength available for each flavor is 3mg only. Lastly, the flavor descriptions for each flavors will be posted down below.

All in all, this is a excellent e-juice sale! If you're a fan of candy flavor e-juices and looking to try out some premium flavor e-juice for an incredibly low price, then this is a deal for you! You can get this entire line over at Ejuice Connect for only $9.34.

Coupon Code: SAS15

Product Features:

  • 100ml Bottle Size
  • Chubby Gorilla Bottles
  • Nicotine Strengths Available: 3mg
  • 70VG/30PG
  • 5 Flavors Available:
    • Grape Apple: is a delicious candied fruit vape that combines sweet purple grape and tart green apples to produce a mouth puckering taste treat that will leave your tastebuds begging for more.
    • Grape Strawberry: is a drool worthy candied fruit vape that combines sweet purple grape and tangy summer strawberry to produce a mouth puckering taste treat that will remind you of the candy you loved as a kid.
    • Strawberry Lemon: is a delectable candied fruit vape that combines sweet summer strawberry with a burst of zesty lemon to produce a delicious flavor explosion of fruity goodness.
    • Watermelon Apple: is a unique candied vape blend that combines juicy watermelon with crisp apple to dazzle your tastebuds and leave them begging for more.
    • Peach Blue Razz: is an awesome candied vape with the unique combination of sweet summer peach and tangy Blue Razz for a sublime vaping experience unlike any other. Get ready for a full on fruit candy vaping experience that is as nostalgic as it is delicious

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Review overview
  • Mark Stave 01/27/2019

    Hmm…. 27mm with bubble glass for 4ml capacity, and a large dual coil build deck – these things don’t seem to match up well