Cheap Vape Stand (Acrylic) – $6.23 China

Acrylic Vape Stands

Acrylic Vape Stands

eCig Mod Stand

They just got a few new low-cost vape stands in at Fasttech, get a 16 hole stand for $6.23 or a 30 hole stand for $9.59 when you use 5% off coupon code “XMAS14” at checkout.

These vaping stands have 24/25mm wide holes to hold all your vaping gear like e-cigarette mods, RBA’s, RDA’s, or bottles of e-liquid. Most mods and atomizers measure from 22-23mm’s so they will fit perfectly in either of these stands.

The stands are made from clear Acrylic with stainless steel posts and screws that hold the 2 pieces together. Use them to organize your vaping supplies or use them to display products in your vaping store.

Coupon Code: XMAS14

16 Hole $6.23   30 Hole $9.59

Vape Stand Features:

  • Made from Acrylic with stainless steel posts
  • 24 to 25mm holes
  • 16 – 30 holes
  • Holds Mods, RBA’s, and e-liquid

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