$60 Premium e-Juice for $45 SHIP’d

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I was just notified that Kingly Vapes is offering $60 of premium e-juice for only $45.95 with FREE SHIPPING included.

Select 5 different 15ml bottles of premium eJuice from a list of 29 flavors then choose your nicotine strength. They have a number of premium brands to choose from like Clouds of Hope, Cosmic Fog, Cuttwood, Drakes vapes, and the Mad Alchemist. The normal retail price of this e-liquid is $60 but through this special offer you get 5 bottles for only $45.95 with free shipping.

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eJuice Brands:

  • Cosmic Foc
  • Cuttwood
  • Space Jam
  • Drake’s Vapes
  • Clouds of Hope
  • The Mad Alchemist

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  • Jim Smith 01/05/2015

    Man , thats still very pricey for 5 bottles of 15ml juice , it has to be a hell of a lot cheaper than that.

    I have found premium juice with deals for under $15.00 for 5 bottles of 15 ml.

    That price is ridiculous , everybody already knows that juice , regardless of maker is dirt cheap and provides the largest profits by far for these vendors.

    Even the premium juices from the most popular brands on the market are cheaper than $75.00 for 75 ml and those aren’t even on sale .

    The competition is ferocious in the e juice industry and getting tougher every day , Some top shelf vendors like Yaeliq” are offering 100ml for $10.00 .

    “Vaping Cheap” should not post all deals , they should only post the best deals and this offer is a joke.

  • Sammy ash 01/05/2015

    Even $45.00 for 5 bottles of 15 ml is very expensive .

  • J.Nason 02/02/2015

    Yes it is expensive, I do not usually buy anything for more than $5 15ml or So.. But as this is “Premium Juice” it is a lot more expensive, these bottles are $12+ each most anywhere so if you wanted to try them it’s actually not a bad option.. I think the sale may have ended as he link doesn’t go through.. I would have tried them as I just got a good Tax Refund… Will have to look elsewhere.


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