Cheap Kamry K101 Mechanical Mod – $24.95

Kamry K101 ecig Mod

Kamry K101

Vapor Kings just notified me that they are listing there Kamty K101 mechanical mod e-cigs at 50% off, get on for only $24.95 while supplies last.

The K101 is a telescopic mod so you can use 18350, 18500, and 18650 batteries in it. If your interested in getting a mod but don’t have one yet the K101 is a perfect entry level mod.

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  • mike 04/18/2014

    If your ok with a blue K 101 mod. Focal ecig has them for just $9.90 shipped.–13514

    I have both a Kamry and one from Focal and the one from Focal is every bit as good.
    In fact the only way to tell the difference is that a kick fits a little to tight in the Kamry and you have to dremel it around the edge to get it to fit and the one from Focal accepts a kick perfectly.
    Build quality and performance on the one from Focal is identical in every way.
    The K 101 is nothing spectacular but at 150% cheaper, the one from Focal is definitely the way to go.

    • mike 04/18/2014

      The link I posted isnt working, but if you go to focalecigs website and click “promotions” at the top of the page you will see the K101 as part of there easter sale. They also have a Caravela mod for around $10 and also a mixed Nemesis mod for less than $15.


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