Cheap DIY E-Liquid Supplies – PG, VG, Nic, Flavor

DIY E-Liquid Supplies

DIY E-Liquid Supplies

DIY E-Juice Supplies

I want to share with you guys 2 great place’s to buy cheap DIY E-Liquid Supplies. Most of my DIY e-liquid supplies comes from these 2 shops: Wizard Labs and My Freedom Smokes.

They both offer great prices on everything you need to make your own e-Juice. You will find a huge selection of e-liquid flavorings for as little as $1.50 for an 8ml vial.  They also sell e-liquid nicotine, PG, VG, and other DIY e-liquid supplies.

Wizard Labs used to have pretty high shipping costs but they recently started offering First Class shipping. My freedom Smokes offers free shipping on orders over $75 bucks.

My Freedom Smokes

Wizard labs

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