Chain Reaction Mod $54.99

Chain Reaction Mod

26650 Variable Voltage Vape Mod

Check out the 26650 Chain Reaction Mod made by Amigo, right now you can get one from GearBest for only $54.99 with FREE world wide shipping. However, readers in the USA may want to buy it from Vapor Beast for only $58.47 plus FREE shipping when you use coupon code “YEAHBABY” to get it shipped from the USA.

The Chain Reaction mod is a 26650 sized variable voltage mod that can output between 7 and 50 watts of power. It has a very unique look which consists of a large carbon fiber tube holds the 26650 battery and a stainless steel “handle” that holds the electronics. Contacts inside the Chain Reaction mod are made from red copper to improve conductivity and it can fire atomizers from 0.3ohm to 3.0ohms.

The handle of the Chain Reaction mod is designed to be very ergonomic and comfortable to hold, It holds the firing switch, LED screen, and two adjustment buttons. Too bad it uses the buttons I hate, you know the ones that dig into your skin. Before this device I had never heard of the Itsuwa group so I’m not sure if the Chain Reaction mod will be a hit or a miss.

$54.99 China

Coupon Code: YEAHBABY

$58.47 USA

Chain Reaction Features:

  • Carbon fiber body+silver handle
  • Variable Wattage from 7 to 50 watts
  • Atomizer resistance: 0.3ohm-3ohm
  • NXP semiconductor chip Cos AO import from us
  • Requires a 26650 battery
  • Carbon fiber battery tube, more beautiful and durable.
  • 3 Battery Vent Holes at base
  • Red copper used for all connections, to improve its conductivity.
  • 510 connection
  • Measures: 93mm x 30mm x 20.7mm

26650 Chain Reaction

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