Ceramic Tweezers – $6.57 China

Ceramic Tip Tweezers Vape

Ceramic Tip Tweezers Vape

They just got in some new ceramic tweezers for vape coil building at Fasttech and there the cheapest I’ve seen. Get angle tipped for $6.57, curved tip for $7.04, or both for $13.09.

Ceramic tipped tweezers are used for vaping by coil rebuilders because the ceramic tip is non conductive and they do not transfer heat. The ceramic tip allows rebuilders to pinch and adjust red hot coils without electricity or heat transferring through the handle. Usually ceramic tweezers sell for between $10 and $25 bucks, sometimes even more.

The tweezers are made from stainless steel with replaceable ceramic tips. The pair with an angled tip measures 125mm’s long and the pair with the curved tip measures 128mm long.

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Ceramic Tweezers pinch red hot coil

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  • József Paréj 03/03/2015

    sorry, but a little correction- heat transfer is only a bonus, the main point of ceramic tweezers is that they are non-conductive, therefore you can fire your mod while pinching the coils, without the danger of shorting, this way you only need 1-2 pinches instead of 4-5, and you end up with nicer coils.


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