CelluCotton Rayon eCig Wick 15ft. – $3.49 USA

CelluCotton eCig Wick Material

CelluCotton Wick Material


So I bought a huge box of CelluCotton 100% rayon wick and decided to list it on eBay with some VapingCheap stickers. Get 15 feet and 2 Vaping Cheap stickers for only $3.49.

Buying this from me is NOT the cheapest way to get Cellucotton, it is however the cheapest option on e-bay for a smaller amount. The cheapest way I know of is to get Cellucotton is at your local Sallys Beauty supply, I think 10 feet costs $2 dollars there. Most of the cost of this item is to cover ebay fees, shipping, and my time and energy.

I have fallen in love with this wicking material so I highly recommend that you try it. It wicks just as good as cotton but doesn’t have the cotton taste.

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  • Daniel L 09/02/2014

    No Sir… It wicks far, far better than cotton!


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