Carbon Fiber FUHattan Mod – $34.99 USA

Carbon Fiber FUHattan Mod

FUHattan Mod

Copper Vape Mod

Here’s another killer deal from 101Vape. You can get the Carbon Fiber FUHattan Mod for only $34.99, that’s a great price seeing how lot of places still have this item on pre-order for $45 bucks.

The FUHAttan is a semi-clone of the Manhattan mechanical mod. This is the correct way to clone because it’s not infringing on trademarks or copyrights but we still know what style of mod were buying.

The FUHattan mod is a copper mod wrapped with carbon fiber to give it a unique and stylish look. The base has a cut out to reveal the “FU” logo that looks very similar to the AmeraVape logo. The mod is made with a thick copper tube and solid copper contacts to provide the lowest voltage drop possible. The bottom magnetic switch uses heavy-duty magnets that won’t fire under the weight of the mod.

$34.99   $34.99 w/color tint

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FUHAttan Mod Features:

  • High quality 1:1 clone
  • Carbon Fiber Wrapped Copper tube
  • Solid copper pins
  • Solid copper battery contacts
  • Solid copper construction
  • FU Logo
  • Uses 18650 batteries
  • Engraved logo on firing switch
  • New, heavy duty magnetic switch mod

copper carbon fiber Fuhattan mod

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  • 10/03/2014

    I think maybe AmeraVape Manhattan should have paid their machinists? Hence the FU..? LOL
    By the way it’s thick copper tube, I know, your a very busy man and I’m glad…
    Has anyone figured out why they put the extra pins in with the mods?
    First it was three, then two and I don’t know with this new FUmanhattans I saw two in pics at 101, but they are IMHO the dumbest pin yet, they work good though, darn good until the pin just falls out, of the original, seems they’d have changed that by now even with a half clone.

  • G... 10/04/2014

    NO my brother your just fine, suddenly no errors??
    That would certainly worry me… love it just the way it is… ☺
    Makes me look smart.. IMHO …. Ha ha ha, OK you bet ya, where’s my website?
    Don’t worry pal I’ve got my cyber eye on ya and enjoy watching your back..LOL



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