Calvert Mod Clone – $16.50 China

Calvert Mod Clone

Sliding Switch mechanical Mod

Here’s a great deal on a Calvert Clone mechanical mod from Fasttech. You can get a stainless steel 18350 mod for $16.50, a 18650 mod for $18.09, or a 18650/18350 set for $24.82 to $28.12 depending on the metal.

The authentic Calvert mod is made by Monake Vape and only comes in a 18350 size. The retail price on the authentic mod is $150 bucks. What makes the Calvert mod unique is a innovative sliding firing switch held in place on the bottom of the mod by four magnets. To fire the device simply slide the firing switch in any direction, the switch then makes contact with a center pin and the device fires.

The Calvert Clone is a 1:1 copy of the original but you can also get the mod in a 18650 size. It has the same hybrid top cap and sliding magnetic firing switch. You can even lock the firing switch by positioning it over to pins that prevent the switch from sliding. The Calvert is a very cool device with a super cool firing switch, it would make a great addition to a mod collection.

Buy a Calvert Clone here

Calvert Clone Features:

  • Choose from Stainless steel, brass, or copper
  • Hybrid 510 connection
  • Hybrid thread size is M20x1mm
  • Brass negative contact
  • Bottom magnetic sliding firing switch with lock
  • Battery vents
  • M20x1mm hybrid atomizers recommended

The video below is a review of the authentic Calvert Mod by Suck My Mod.

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