Blue & Red FUhattan Mod V2 – $34.99 USA

Color FUhattan Mod

Color FUhattan Mod

Color Carbon Fiber Mod

Check out these new FUhattan Mod’s with a color carbon fiber wrap available at 101Vape. Get one in either blue or red for only $34.99 plus shipping.

The FUhattan mod is a semi-clone of the Manhattan mod made by Ameravape. It’s a semi-clone in the sense that even though the design is exactly like the Manhattan mod it has its own name “FUhattan” and uses a “FU” logo instead of the “AV” logo. I wish more company’s made clones like this, ones that do not use the same logo as the authentic, just something that looks similar.

The FUhattan mod is made from copper with a carbon fiber wrap, in this case the wrap has a blue or red tint that looks pretty sweet. It measures 3 1/4th inches tall and has a powerful “rare-earth” magnetic switch at the base. Since this device has copper battery contacts, a copper 510 center pin, and is made of copper it should have a very low voltage drop. I’ve posted a number of other FUhattan deals on Vaping Cheap, if you want to see them all click here.

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  • Hartoled 11/19/2014

    Are these authentic FUhattans?


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