Black Kayfun Mini V2.1ES RBA – $15.81 CHINA

Black Kayfun Mini V2.1 RBA

Black Kayfun Mini V2.1

Kayfun Mini V2.1

Here’s a new black plated version of the super-cool Kayfun Mini V2.1 ES rebuildable atomizer. You can get the black version for $15.81 or the SS version for only $14.06, free shipping included.

I got a Kayfun Mini RBA about 6 weeks ago and I can’t stop vaping it. It puts out a good amount of vapor, provides great flavor, and I love how small it is. But it can still easily hold a day or two worth of e-liquid.

The Kayfun Mini V2.1 comes with a clear tank, an extension tank, and a extension funnel.

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