Black Kayfun 4.0 RBA Clone – $19.99 USA

Kayfun 4 Clone

Rebuildable Tank Atomizer (RTA)

Here’s a great deal on the Kayfun 4 from a USA based vendor, they even have a Black Kayfun V4 clone! The stainless steel version is $19.99 with code “wowk4” and the black version is $20.99 with code “wowk4b” for 20% off.

NOTE: This is a Pre-Order

The Kayfun 4 clone is a 1:1 copy of the authentic Kayfun 4 made by SvoeMesto, the authentic version retails for $150 bucks but you can get this clone for $20 bucks. What an amazing buy! The Kayfun v4 is decked out with a ton of upgraded and new features like the eliquid flow control, top filling tank, and a new design that allows you to rebuild your coils without draining the tank.

This Kayfun Clone is available in made from 304 stainless steel and is available in a plan and black plated version. The kit comes with three different tank options, all metal, metal with clear window, and a large clear tank.

  • Coupon Code (Black): wowk4b
  • Coupon Code (Stainless Steel): wowk4

Stainless Steel Kayfun 4   Black Kayfun 4

Kayfun 4 Clone Features:

  • 304 stainless steel with Glass, PC, and SS tank section
  • Liquid control
  • Top filling
  • Airflow control
  • Quad poles design
  • Silver Plated adjustable 510 connector
  • Deck insulator with Lip

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  • John Bonecrusher 12/27/2014

    Sort of deceptive with no mention about it being another “pre-sale”. It’s finally mentioned in the last line of the description. Does “available on Jan. 5” mean it will ship that day to the purchaser or it will be coming from China on that day?
    Usually Vaping Cheap is more accurate. Hopefully this was just a little goof.

      • John Bonecrusher 12/28/2014

        Nathan….Check his site. Last line item in the Description = “Available on Jan. 5″…… I didn’t mean to jump at you but I’m getting tired of all the pre-purchase deals. Why not wait to get an item in stock rather than having customers “float” the money for the vendor???

  • EvilBeast 12/27/2014

    I don’t know about that yet…is it painted black..? Will it flake off? I also don’t like the fact that it is also black on the inside of the tank,there is no need of it they should of left it alone like the chimney. But all that aside I think it looks quite nice and If were going to get a Kayfun 4 I would rather have a nice black version than a plain stainless steel one.

  • Corazon Vallar 12/27/2014

    Do you ship outside US specifically to the Philippines ?

  • Jeremy Miller 12/28/2014

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    Happy vaping.

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    Thank you.

  • david johnson 01/08/2015

    last line said available 5th so i waited till the 6th to order when i hadn’t heard from them by the 8th emailed and was informed they were pre-order but should be going out this week. kind of deceptive to me (i dont do pre-orders). not your fault at all Nathan.

  • david johnson 01/09/2015

    yes, you are right about that part nathan,now they have changed up availability date on it, the big part with me is them not advertising it as pre- order. dont think i will be buying anything else from them.


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