Biomech Gen 2 Mod Clone – $10 USA

Biomech Mod Clone

Biomech Mod Clone

Telescopic Mech Mod

They just placed a Biomech Gen 2 clone on sale over at Angel Cigs so you can get one for only $10 bucks. Shipping is expensive at $8.90 but getting a nice clone shipped from the USA for under $20 bucks is pretty good deal.

The authentic Biomech 2 mod is made by MCV Phillippines (same people who brought you the Panzer) and sells for around $200 bucks. The 1st generation of this mod was made in all stainless steel but the 2nd generation adds brass accents for a better looking mechanical mod.

The Biomech Gen 2 Clone is a 1:1 copy of the original except for the logo on the switch. I’m not sure if they made this different on purpose or on accident. I personally feel that too avoid trademark laws clones should not have the same logos as the authentic versions. Anyway, the clone has a telescopic body so you can use all 18xxx series batterys with this device. The bottom firing switch is spring loaded with a reverse locking ring and all the internal contacts are made of copper.

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Biomech Clone Features:

  • 510 connection
  • Air-channel cuts on top cap increase airflow to bottom-feeding tanks
  • Copper contacts
  • 1 air hole on the tube
  • Telescopic body design allows the use of 18-series batteries (35mm-70mm batteries)
  • Bottom spring-loaded firing button, with reverse-threaded locking ring
  • Laser engravings
  • Tube internal diameter: 19.3mm

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