Beyond Vape Mako RDA $32.00

Mako RDA

Mako RDA

In the realm of small, simple RDA’s the Mako rebuildable has made a name for itself. Now, it is on sale through Beyond Vape for just $32.00. Do not let the simplistic design of this RDA turn you away; the Mako RDA is worthwhile for any vaper out there.

The Mako RDA from Beyond Vape is a three-piece stainless steel rebuildable atomizer. The primary draw for the RDA is that it has large airflow, a deep well, and rather large post holes. If you like to build insane, large builds, then you should definitely pick a Mako RDA up.

Beyond Vape did an amazing job in constructing the Mako RDA. They made sure that it sported enough space to fit basically anything. Even though it is only three posts, they have 2mm holes going through each, reminiscent of the Dark Horse as far as build deck.

Another aspect of the Mako RDA that makes it worthwhile is the airflow. Like the popular RDA, the Doge, the Mako sports two large, smooth-gliding cyclops slots on either side of the sleeve, providing phenomenal airflow.

Overall, the Mako RDA is a phenomenal product that is well insulated and allows vapers to throw whatever build they want on it and vape away. Do not miss out on this amazing deal from Beyond Vape. Get your very own Mako RDA for just $32.00. And as always, vape on.

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  • Stainless steel, three-piece construction
  • Smooth-gliding, cyclops-style adjustable airflow
  • Thick, raised posts perfect for center coil builds
  • Positive post utilizes a PTFE Teflon insulator
  • 2mm post holes
  • 4mm deep well
  • High volume tank for increased vapor production
  • Laser engraved

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